Marantec 3-Button Garage Door Opener Keychain Size Remote Transmitter (315 MHz) M3-3313

Marantec 3-Button Garage Door Opener Keychain Size Remote Transmitter (315 MHz) M3-3313

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This item is discontinued.
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Marantec M3-2314 Garage Door Opener Remote
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
This Marantec three-button garage door opener is just the thing you need when you want easy access to your garage spaces. Made for use with up to three Marantec garage door openers, this keychain-sized remote is easy to carry around wherever you go. It even includes a handy key loop so that you can attach it right onto your set of keys.

This Marantec three-button remote can replace ML-3313 and part number 65894. It's also a digital replacement for another Marantec remote that operates at a frequency of 315 MHz. Learn more by utilizing our "Questions" app on this page.

  • Made with advanced multi-bit technology
  • Control button verification via LED light
  • Controls up to three Marantec garage door openers from one handy device
  • Small size makes it easy to carry with you
  • Attach to a keychain with included key loop
  • Battery and programming cable also included

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COMMENT: I've purchased this before and it's easy to program. by J E 1/17/2017
COMMENT: this is exactly the remote I needed by pat r 12/22/2015
QUESTION: We have a Marantec 4700e garage door opener and I need to get a 3rd remote control for it. This remote here M3-3313 says it is compatible with Marantec 315Mhz systems, but i can't find "315Mhz" reference anywhere in the M4700e operator manual. Is it a "given" that my garage door opener is 315Mhz or how do i find out if this remote control is really compatible? by Colleen A 7/2/2015
ANSWER: Look on the top of your 4700 unit. There is a small receiver module with an antenna wire hanging down. On my unit that module is clearly marked "315MHz". by Keith B a
REPLY: Keith, there is nothing on top of the unit except "Class 2, 24 volts"<br /><br />How do i proceed in getting a remote control for it? by Colleen A r
REPLY: ...continuing, if you have a remote that works with your 4700e, you might be able to find its frequency label inside the battery compartment. That has to match the receiver. I hope this helps. KB by Keith B r
REPLY: Don't know what happened to my first reply. Your opener unit may have a plug-in receiver module that has to be pulled out to see the label. Pull the power plug first then look for the receiver's short little antenna wire hanging out from the rear of unit and follow it to the receiver module. by Keith B r
REPLY: Hey, Keith. I just ordered one from your website that looks like the one we have here... so my fingers are crossed that it will work.<br /><br />Thanks for all your help. by Colleen A r
REPLY: I'm sure it will work. Your new remote will come with a small 3-pin connector link. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully so you transfer the working code from the original remote into your new remote and not the other way around. Good luck. KB by Keith B r
REPLY: THanks a bunch, Keith by Colleen A r
STAFF ANSWER: This will work with Marantec units that are 315Mhz by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is the program connector included and is that the same as the programing cable? by Brant R 8/14/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Yes the program connecter is used from programming it is super simple. by Matthew O a
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