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Martin Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal WTS-0020

Martin Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal WTS-0020
Martin Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal WTS-0020
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Martin Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal WTS-0020
Martin Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal WTS-0020
Product Description
Martin Garage doors of Salt lake city Utah was founded in California in 1936 where they produced Garage doors up until the early 1940’s. At that point in time they moved to Salt Lake City Utah and became what we describe as a "regional manufacture of high quality garage doors and parts"

The steel Martin Doors they manufactured in the past used a unique bottom weather seal that is exclusive to their brand. Part # WTS-0020 BA Style weather seal bottom 1”, is made of a highly durable Rubber Foam product which is designed to remain playable in both hot and cold weather conditions . This seal mounts to the door by fitting into the recess in the bottom panel section and is held in place with a metal retainer.

We offer this seal in the color Gray, in the past it was made in other colors but they grey is the only one being produced in the present time

In order to remove the existing Martin Door Seal and replace it with the new seal purchased at North Shore Commercial Door; the metal retainer must be removed from the door.

Part No. WTS-00200
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COMMENT: It looks exactly like the bottom seal of my Martin Garage door by Richard A 10/4/2017
COMMENT: Ease of finding this on the internet by Thomas W 10/2/2017
QUESTION: Bottom seal for a Strand single car garage door? Yes by Bryan H 4/3/2017
ANSWER: Yes by Andy R a
REPLY: Thank you for taking the time to answer. by Bryan H r
REPLY: FYI.. it's a two person job.... don't pull on the rubber seal... it tears easily... by Andy R r
REPLY: Thanks, good advice. by Bryan H r
QUESTION: how do you install this weather stripping? by Lori W 2/7/2017
ANSWER: Carefully. i suggest using two persons. you will need to open the door about chest high, begin loosening ALL the bolts along the retainer at the bottom of the door..... just enough to remove the old seal and begin inserting the new one. use soppy water to help slide the seal into the grove. take your time and have a helper re tightening the bolts . be careful as the seal rips easily if you pull on it to much. good luck. by Andy R a
ANSWER: Takes ten minutes, loosen about six screw at bottom of door , pull old one out and put new one in its track and tighten screws. If this is a new strip not a replacement loosen the screws at the bottom and you can see a groove running the full length, this new seal fits right into that groove and then tighten up the screws. by Jamison L a
ANSWER: I installed it backwards first time - there are no directions. Assuming your current weather stripping is the same as the new replacement I recommend you first look at which part of the weather stripping gets inserted into the groove of the lower garage panel. I didn't do that and as a result I installed the strip using the wrong side to insert into the panel. It looked like I had installed correctly but when I lowered the garage door the strip didn't lay correctly against the garage floor and it kept slipping out of the panel slot. Once I saw what I'd done and put the strip in the slot correctly it worked perfectly. It's very easy to install when done correctly. Just push the strip groove into the garage door slot and you're set. Hope this makes sense. by David s a
ANSWER: If you have the right stripping, it tucks into the slot in the bottom of the door. I loosened the bolts on the bottom to make it easier and then used a screw driver to help tuck in the stripping. I then took some tape to help the new stripping bend on the right direction when the door closed. I removed the tape after one day. by Andy A a
ANSWER: Unscrew the bottom metal flange strip, slide the seal in, screw flange back in. Works better with two people. by Scott W a
QUESTION: does it come in brown? by None N 11/23/2016
ANSWER: I recall the website stating that in only comes in one color... i got it in gray.... which was the original color when I purchased the door... over ten years ago.... by Andy R a
QUESTION: can item be returned if it is not correct ? by None N 11/11/2016
ANSWER: It is my understanding that you can return the product if incorrect. Obviously it should be in same condition as received. I would double check with Customef Service at North Shore by James L a