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Manaras MGT Heavy-Duty Industrial Gear Head Trolley Operator

Manaras MGT Heavy-Duty Industrial Gear Head Trolley Operator
Manaras MGT Heavy-Duty Industrial Gear Head Trolley Operator
Manaras MGT Heavy-Duty Industrial Gear Head Trolley Operator
Manaras MGT Heavy-Duty Industrial Gear Head Trolley Operator
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The PHOTO062 Safety Beams have been Discontinued and replaced with the updated Model PHOT-070.
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Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Ordering instructions: Due to the size of this product, shipping prices may vary. After placing your order, North Shore Commercial Door will contact you to provide a freight shipping price quote (or you may call 1-800-783-6112). Once the shipping quote is approved, the total will be adjusted according to the quote.

Manaras MGT Heavy-Duty Industrial Gear Head Trolley Operator
Manaras MGT Heavy-Duty Industrial Gear Head Trolley Operator
Product Description
The Manaras MGT Heavy-Duty Industrial Gear Head Trolly Operator from North Shore Commercial Door is designed for use on industrial standard lift sectional doors. The operator has a high starting torque and continuous-duty industrial motor that's perfect for a variety of commercial applications. It is ceiling mounted and is compatible with doors up to 40 feet in height. The operator is rated for 25 cycles per hour or 80 cycles per day.

The Manaras MGT operator is easy to use and offers a variety of user-friendly features such as the Accu-cam system for making precision adjustments. The operator is outfit with drum-band solenoid brakes and a slide-off electric control box for drip protection and easy access. The operator is available with the new Electronic Control Board (BOARD 070) which is compatible with external entrapment protection devices for UL325-2010 compliance.

Product Highlights:
  • Part Number: MGT
  • 60Hz high starting torque, continuous-duty, single phase capacitor start or 3 phase motor, open drip proof, protected against overload. Also available with 50Hz motor 220V 1 phase and 380V 3 phase motor, consult inside sales
  • 40:1 worm gear in oil bath reducer with air breather and sealed ball bearings. Additional step by #41 chain and sprockets. Output shaft is 1", supported by ball bearings. Output shaft speed: 100 rpm for a door travel of 10"/s (1/2 and 3/4HP), 66 rpm for a door travel of 6"/s (1 and 1.5 HP)
  • #41 full roller chain drive. Dual, 12 gauge, pre-drilled galvanized tracks provided for doors up to 12Ft in height standard. Additional track lengths are available (max. door height acceptable for the operator limit system is 40Ft). Track spacers 3/4" steel shaft. Trolley made of cast aluminum alloy with chain tension adjustment device
  • Friction type clutch, integrated in reducer, easily adjustable from outside
  • Electrically activated drum-band type solenoid brake
  • Quick release disconnect arm for manual push-up operation
  • All electrical components are in a Nema 1 enclosure. Simple slide-off cover
  • Rotary-type oil-impregnated steel cams, commercial grade switches. Limit shaft is supported by self-lubricating bronze bushings for increased precision. Remains in time when there is a manual operation or after the motor has been removed
  • Accu-cam® Feature: Precise and quick one-handed adjustment of the limits
  • Reducer, control enclosure and frames protected by baked on, long lasting enamel finish that protects from corrosion
  • Ceiling-mounted
  • Dimensions: Back Room: door height + 4'6" (1370 mm) Head Room for Tracks: 4" (102 mm) above the highest point of door travel For more details, please consult our Dimensions Drawing
  • Shipping Weight: Approx. 126 lbs - 57 Kg. plus tracks
  • Warranty: 2 Years, per section 6 of our Terms and Conditions of Sale
Technical Information: (OTH)
  • Supply Voltage: 115, 230 Vac single-phase, 208, 460, 575 Vac three-phase
  • Control Voltage: 24 Vac class 2 transformer, 2 amp fuse type ACG
  • Motor: Continuous duty ½, ¾, 1, 1 ½ horsepower
  • Operator Output Speed: 10”/second (1/2, ¾ HP), 6” / second (1, 1-1/2 HP)
  • Net Weight (Operator only): 126 Lbs (57 Kg)
  • Standard Wiring Type: C2 (momentary contact to open/stop and constant-pressure-to-close)
  • Application: Heavy duty worm gear for standard lift sectional doors
  • Duty:25 cycles/hour or >80 cycles/day maximum

Maximum Area in Square Feet (general guideline)
Sectional Doors
HP Steel
18 ga ins.
18 ga
20 ga ins.
Steel 20 ga,
22 & 24 ga
Alu. Steel
22 & 24 ga
1/2 196 245 314 343 392
3/4 270 319 441 490 549
1 294 392 490 564 613
1-1/2 373 466 549 613
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