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Manaras MGH 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2 HP Parts

Get the repair parts you need fast for your Manaras Opera commercial garage door operator when you shop North Shore Commercial Door. We have OEM Manaras MGH parts for 1/2-horsepower, 3/4-horsepower, and 1-horsepower and 1.5-horsepower operators. Shop our line of OEM Manaras Opera motors, brake assemblies and control box parts for 1/2HP, 3/4HP, 1HP and 1.5HP Manaras MGH operators.

Save on repairs with our discounted prices on Manaras chain guides, bevel gears and universal hoist shaft assemblies. Use your owner's manual to confirm compatibility with your operator before buying a 1/2HP Manaras 120V/230V single-phase motor or a single-phase 3/4HP motor. We have 1HP 120V/230V single-phase replacement MGH operator motors and 1.5HP 120V/230V single-phase motors. Or, order a 3-phase 1/2HP, 3/4HP, 1HP or 1.5HP replacement 208V/460V motor. We also have 575-volt 3-phase motors.

We have bushings, pocket wheels, cotter pins and pin slotted springs for your MGH commercial operator. Order a reducer breather or new single swivel pulley that's compatible with your 1/2HP or 1HP operator. If you don't see the brake part listed on our website that you want, our headquarters crew in Ohio will track it down for you.
Key Part # Description
1 GEAR001 Manaras GEAR001 Bevel Gear GH MGH 5/8 20TH
2 GUIDE014 Manaras GUIDE014 Chain Guide Opera
3 CLIP024 Manaras CLIP024 Ext. 5/8" Self-Locking Ret. Ring ** DISCONTINUED **
4 SHAFT037 Manaras SHAFT037 GH Hoist Shaft Assembly Universal
5 SPRING012 Manaras SPRING012 MJ Disconnect Hoist Spring ** DISCONTINUED **
6 MOTOR See Below
120V / 230V - 1PH
MOTOR336 Manaras MOTOR336 Motor 1/2HP - 120V/230V - 1PH
MOTOR337 Manaras MOTOR337 Motor 3/4HP - 120V/230V - 1PH
MOTOR350 Manaras MOTOR350 Motor 1HP - 120V/230V - 1PH
MOTOR355 Manaras MOTOR355 Motor 1.5HP - 120V/230V - 1PH
208V / 460V - 3PH
MOTOR357 Manaras MOTOR357 Motor 1/2HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
MOTOR358 Manaras MOTOR358 Motor 3/4HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
MOTOR359 Manaras MOTOR359 Motor 1HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
MOTOR226 Manaras MOTOR226 Brake Motor 1HP - 208V/460V - 3PH ** DISCONTINUED **
MOTOR361 Manaras MOTOR361 Motor 1.5HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
575V - 3PH
MOTOR384 Manaras MOTOR384 Motor 3/4HP - 575V - 3PH
MOTOR385 Manaras MOTOR385 Motor 1HP - 575V - 3PH
MOTOR398 Manaras MOTOR398 Brake Motor 1HP - 575V - 3PH ** DISCONTINUED **
MOTOR386 Manaras MOTOR386 Motor 1.5HP - 575V - 3PH
7 BUSHING055 Manaras BUSHING055 Opera Limit Shaft Bushing
8 POCKETWHEEL005 Manaras POCKETWHEEL005 Opera Pocketwheel
9 PIN001 Manaras PIN001 Pin Cotter 1/8 x 1 - 1/2
10 PIN010 Manaras PIN010 Pin Slotted Spring 1/4 x 1.5 ** DISCONTINUED **
12 REDUCER030 Manaras REDUCER030 CC63-40D Frame 56 (1/2 , 3/4, 1, 1-1/2HP)
13 PULLEY016 Manaras PULLEY016 Single Swivel Pulley 1.0
14 SOLENOID See Below
120V - 1PH
SOLENOID001 Manaras SOLENOID001 120V Solenoid Switch for 120V Operators
230V - 1PH / 208V - 3PH
SOLENOID002 Manaras SOLENOID002 240V Solenoid Switch for 230V Operators
460V - 3PH
SOLENOID003 Manaras SOLENOID003 440V Solenoid Switch for 460V Operators
575V - 3PH
SOLENOID004 Manaras SOLENOID004 575V Brake Solenoid
15 SPRING026 Manaras SPRING026 Trolley Arm Disconnect Spring
16 BRAKE012 Manaras MGH Brake Parts