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Manaras MGH 2, 3, 5 HP Parts

Manaras MGH 2, 3, 5 HP Parts
Key Part # Description
1 GEAR001 Manaras GEAR001 Bevel Gear GH MGH 5/8 20TH
2 GUIDE014 Manaras GUIDE014 Chain Guide Opera
3 CLIP024 Manaras CLIP024 Ext. 5/8" Self-Locking Ret. Ring **DISCONTINUED**
4 SHAFT037 Manaras SHAFT037 GH Hoist Shaft Assembly Universal
5 SPRING012 Manaras SPRING012 MJ Disconnect Hoist Spring **DISCONTINUED**
6 MOTOR See Below
208V / 460V - 3PH
MOTOR383 Manaras MOTOR383 Motor 2HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
MOTOR422 Manaras MOTOR422 Brake Motor 2HP - 208V/460V - 3PH **DISCONTINUED**
MOTOR051 Manaras MOTOR051 Motor 3HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
MOTOR205 Manaras MOTOR205 Brake Motor 3HP - 208V/460V - 3PH **DISCONTINUED**
MOTOR053 Manaras MOTOR053 Motor 5HP - 208V/460V - 3PH **DISCONTINUED**
575V - 3PH
MOTOR387 Manaras MOTOR387 Motor 2HP - 575V - 3PH
MOTOR141 Manaras MOTOR141 Brake Motor 2HP - 575V - 3PH **DISCONTINUED**
MOTOR078 Manaras MOTOR078 Motor 3HP - 575V - 3PH
MOTOR235 Manaras MOTOR235 Brake Motor 3HP - 575V - 3PH **DISCONTINUED**
MOTOR080 Manaras MOTOR080 Motor 5HP - 575V - 3PH **DISCONTINUED**
MOTOR100 Manaras MOTOR100 Brake Motor 5HP - 575V - 3PH **DISCONTINUED**
7 BUSHING055 Manaras BUSHING055 Opera Limit Shaft Bushing
8 POCKETWHEEL005 Manaras POCKETWHEEL005 Opera Pocketwheel
9 PIN001 Manaras PIN001 Pin Cotter 1/8 x 1 - 1/2
10 PIN010 Manaras PIN010 Pin Slotted Spring 1/4 x 1.5 **DISCONTINUED**
12 REDUCER See Below
REDUCER007 Manaras REDUCER007 CC80-40D FR 143T GN (2HP)
3, 5HP
REDUCER008 Manaras REDUCER008 CC80-40D FR 182TV GN (3, 5HP)
13 PULLEY016 Manaras PULLEY016 Single Swivel Pulley 1.0 **DISCONTINUED**
14 SOLENOID See Below
230V - 1PH / 208V - 3PH
SOLENOID002 Manaras SOLENOID002 240V Solenoid Switch for 230V Operators
460V - 3PH
SOLENOID003 Manaras SOLENOID003 440V Solenoid Switch for 460V Operators
575V - 3PH
SOLENOID004 Manaras SOLENOID004 575V Brake Solenoid
15 SPRING026 Manaras SPRING026 Trolley Arm Disconnect Spring
16 BRAKE012 Manaras MGH Brake Parts