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Manaras OMT Opener Parts

Replacing Manaras OMT commercial garage door opener parts is a fraction of the cost of a new operator, especially when you pay our low prices for Manaras opener parts at North Shore Commercial Door. We have replacement 1/2-horsepower 115-volt single-phase motors for OMT medium-duty trolley standard-lift sectional door operators. Find deep-discount prices on replacement clutch plates, clutch pads and OMT-compatible clutch shaft kits.

Our interactive parts-by-number diagrams make it easy to find the right part, even if you don't know the part number of the component you want. Find affordable prices on replacement motor pulleys and trolley input shafts. Shop our inexpensive repair and parts installation hardware for your Manaras Opera OMT model operator.

We turn around orders fast to save you time and money. We have V belts and Manaras OMT control box parts. Use our business-hours Live Chat links for fast help finding parts you don't see listed on our website.
Key Part # Description
1 NUT013 Manaras 5/8 - 18 Hex Jam Nut ZP
2 WASHER035 Manaras Belleville Washer (31.5x 16.3 x 0.8)
3 CLUTCHPAD005 Manaras CLUTCHPAD005 Clutch Pad
4 CLUTCHPLATE004 Manaras Clutchplate 5/8
5 CLIP021 Manaras External Self-Locking Retaining Ring 3/8" Curved Rim **DISCONTINUED**
6 WASHER064 Manaras Flat Washer 3/8 (.391 x .750 x .130) ZP **DISCONTINUED**
7 SHAFT048 Manaras SHAFT048 MDJ, MGT, MSJ, MTH, MTBH Drive
8 SHAFT086 Manaras SHAFT086 Medium Trolley Input Shaft
9 MOTOR189 Manaras MOTOR189 Motor 1/2HP 115V/1PH 60HZ OPD 48Y
10 PULLEY011 Manaras PULLEY011 Motor Pulley 1 1/2 x 1/2 4L
12 BUSHING055 Manaras BUSHING055 Opera Limit Shaft Bushing
13 PULLEY020 Manaras PULLEY020 Motor Pulley
14 WASHER014 Manaras WASHER014 Type A Plain Washer 5/8 N ZP
15 VBELTA24 Manaras VBELTA24 V Belt A24
N/A MOUNTSHAFT021 Manaras MOUNTSHAFT021 OMT Clutch Shaft Kit