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Manaras OTH / OTBH Opener Parts

Buy Manaras OTH and Manaras OTBH heavy-duty commercial trolley garage door operator parts at North Shore Commercial Door. Whether it's a Manaras Opera OTH commercial trolley operator with solenoid brake or a Manaras Opera OTBH low-headroom trolley operator with a drum-band style solenoid brake, we have the parts you want at discount prices. Enjoy bargain prices on Manaras pulleys, V-belts, replacement input shafts and other parts for your OTH/OTBH trolley operator. If you need it fast, we offer expedited shipping.

Spend less to replace a clutch pad or clutch plate. We sell complete clutch shaft kits. We have replacement Manaras OTH/OTBH motors. Choose a single-phase 120V/240V 1/2-horsepower or 3/4-horsepower replacement motor for your OTH or OTBH commercial garage door operator. We have 3-phase 1/2HP, 3/4HP and 1HP replacement motors made by Manaras. Just check your owner's manual to confirm compatibility for the horsepower and voltage you need. If you need help confirming compatibility, call or email our Manaras Opera parts pros for help.