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Manaras Rapido RSH Frame Parts

Replacing frame parts on your Manaras Rapido RSH commercial operator is cheaper when you shop our low prices at North Shore Commercial Door. We have replacement clutch plates and other frame parts for your Manaras RSH jackshaft industrial operator that's used on fast sectional doors. Find clutch pads, SPDT-lever end bends and parts installation hardware. Call toll-free, email us or use our business-hours online Live Chat feature if you have questions.

Order an affordably priced Manaras Opera pocket wheel or chain guide opera for your Manaras Rapido sectional door operator. Find affordable prices on all Manaras Opera Rapido RSH commercial operator parts from an American company that's been an industry leader for more than 35 years.

We only carry new parts from top manufacturers, and we guarantee every part with our no-questions 30-day returns policy. We have replacement parts and accessories for the garage door operator at your home, too.
Key Part # Description
1 LIMIT025B Manaras LMIT025B Snap-Act SW SPDT-Lever "End Bend"
2 PULLEY020 Manaras PULLEY020 Motor Pulley
3 CLUTCHPAD005 Manaras CLUTCHPAD005 Clutch Pad
4 CLUTCHPLATE006 Manaras CLUTCHPLATE006 Opera Clutchplate
5 NUT013 Manaras NUT013 5/8 - 18 Hex Jam Nut ZP
6 COUPLING019 Manaras COUPLING019 Manual Hoist Coupling **DISCONTINUED**
7 SPRING043 Manaras SPRING043 Comp. Spring Disc. OSH **DISCONTINUED**
8 POCKETWHEEL005 Manaras POCKETWHEEL005 Opera Pocketwheel
9 GUIDE014 Manaras GUIDE014 Chain Guide Opera