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Manaras SH (OSH) Control Box Parts

Manaras SH (OSH) Control Box Parts
Key Part # Description
1 TSTRIP005 Manaras TSTRIP005 Radio Control Term Strip **DISCONTINUED**
2 RESET see below
120V - 1 PH
RESET007 Manaras RESET007 1PH - 10 Amps Reset
RESET012 Manaras RESET012 1PH 10 Amps Reset
RESET014 Manaras RESET014 1PH - 17 Amps Reset
230V - 1 PH
RESET002 Manaras RESET002 1PH - 5 Amps Reset
RESET004 Manaras RESET004 1PH 7 Amps Reset
RESET006 Manaras RESET006 1PH 9 Amps Reset
3 LIMIT023 Manaras Opera LIMIT023 for model OMJ
4 BOARD070M/E Manaras BOARD070M/E Std Electronic Control Board
5 BOARD066 Manaras BOARD066 Std Electronic Power Board 2 Relays
6 LIMIT020 Manaras LIMIT020 STD Single Cut-Off Switch
7 TRANSFORMER see below
120v/230V - 1PH
TRANSF143 Manaras TRANSF143 Transformer
208V - 3PH
TRANSF037 Manaras TRANSF037 Transformer
460V - 3PH
TRANSF088 Manaras TRANSF088 Transformer
575V - 3PH
TRANSF142 Manaras TRANSF142 Transformer

Save on Manaras OSH (SH) garage door opener control repairs with bargain-priced OEM parts from North Shore Commercial Door. We have replacement control boards, transformers and other control box parts for your Manaras-Opera SH (OSH) heavy-duty industrial jackshaft garage door operator. Control (logic) boards are one of the parts that often stop operating. They can also malfunction with power surges caused by storms. However, they're inexpensive and easy to replace. With our low prices, you won't have to face the expense of replacing an entire commercial garage door opener when only one or two replacement parts are needed.

With our parts-by-picture schematic, you can see what the replacement part you want looks like and how it fits with other parts. Hold the computer mouse over the picture to reveal the part number if you don't already know it. Then, click on the part number to reveal a part description and price. We carry Manaras cut-off switches and other replacement control box parts for your Manaras OSH. If you don't see the part you want, our staff will help you find it.