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Manaras OMT Medium-Duty Trolley Operator

Manaras OMT Medium-Duty Trolley Operator
Manaras OMT Medium-Duty Trolley Operator
Manaras OMT Medium-Duty Trolley Operator
Manaras OMT Medium-Duty Trolley Operator
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The PHOTO062 Safety Beams have been Discontinued and replaced with the updated Model PHOT-070.
Item# OMT
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Ordering instructions: Due to the size of this product, shipping prices may vary. After placing your order, North Shore Commercial Door will contact you to provide a freight shipping price quote (or you may call 1-800-783-6112). Once the shipping quote is approved, the total will be adjusted according to the quote.

Manaras OMT Medium-Duty Trolley Operator
Manaras OMT Medium-Duty Trolley Operator
Product Description
The ceiling-mounted Manaras OMT medium-duty trolley door operator from North Shore Commercial Door requires only 6.125 inches of headroom clearance, making this industrial-use garage door operator a smart buy for small overhead spaces. This door trolley operator system, which is comparable to the LiftMaster Model T, includes a three-button color-coded remote control and two safety beams for automatic operation plus a quick-release disconnect arm for manual operation.  

The quick-release disconnect arm allows for push-up operation. The trolley is made of cast aluminum alloy metal with a chain tension adjustment device. The friction-style clutch, positioned on the input shaft, is easily adjustable from the outside. Adjust the limits with one hand using the Accu-Cam. The limit system is equipped with rotary-type lubricated steel cams and commercial-grade switches. The limited shaft, supported by self-lubricating bronze bushings for improved precision, remains in time during manual operation or after the motor has been removed.

Make quick adjustments from outside with the included Accu-Cam on Manaras' medium-duty trolley. The Accu-Cam allows for fast, precision adjustments. This door operator is equipped with the new Board 70 electronic control board, and it's compatible with external entrapment monitored devices that meet UL-325-2010 requirements. The 1/2-horsepower single-phase intermittent-duty motor protects against thermal overload with its instant reverse and internal automatic reset features to protect against overload. You can remove the motor without affecting limit switch settings.

A reinforced hinged cover protects the system's electrical components, which are enclosed in a Nema 1 enclosure. The frame and control enclosure are protected by a corrosion-resistant and durable baked-on enamel finish. All shafts are protected by a yellow chromate coating. A two-year limited warranty is available.

The cast aluminum alloy operator's dual, 12-gauge pre-drilled galvanized tracks will operate doors up to 12 feet tall. This unit is available with additional track lengths  with a maximum door height of 14 feet. The dimensions are up to 14 feet tall with a back room measurement of the door height in feet  plus 3 feet and 11 inches . The headroom for the track is 5 inches above the highest point of door travel. Please consult the dimensions drawing to “see" the layout, or contact our staff with questions.

Product Highlights:
  • Part Number: OPERA-OMT
  • Requires less overhead space (just 6.125") below the tracks
  • Maximum door height: 14' Back room = door height + 3'11"
  • Head room for tracks 5" above highest point of door travel
  • Automatic or manual operation of doors up to 12' or optional 14' high
  • Trolley made of cast aluminum alloy w/ chain tension adjustment
  • 12-gauge pre-drilled galvanized tracks. Track spacers 3/4"
  • Input shaft =5/8" supported by ball bearings. Output shaft: 1" supported by ball bearings
  • Output shaft speed: 112 rpm for 11" door travel
  • 1/2 HP motor with instant reverse/automatic reset
  • Motor removable without affecting limit switch settings
  • Quick-release disconnect arm for manual push-up operation
  • Friction-type clutch, easily adjustable from outside
  • Includes 3-button remote control + 2 safety beams
  • Reinforced hinged cover over Nem1 electrical component enclosure
  • Comparable to LiftMaster Model T
  • Accu-Cam for quick adjustments from outside, plus improved precision on adjustments
  • Limit system = rotary-type lubricated steel cams with commercial-grade switches. Limit shaft supported by self-lubricating bronze bushings
  • Limit system remains in time during manual operation or after motor removal
  • Compatible with UL325-2010-compliant external monitored entrapment devices
  • Limited 2-year warranty
Technical Information: (OMT)
  • Supply Voltage: 115, 230 Vac single-phase
  • Control Voltage: 24 Vac class 2 transformer, 2 amp fuse type ACG
  • Motor: Intermittent duty ½ horsepower
  • Operator Output Speed: 11”/second
  • Net Weight (Operator only): 60 Lbs. (27 Kg)
  • Standard Wiring Type: C2 (momentary contact to open/stop and constant-pressure-to-close)
  • Application: Medium duty for standard lift sectional doors
  • Duty: 141 cycles/hour or 50 cycles/day maximum

Maximum Area in Square Feet (general guideline)
Sectional Doors
HP Steel
18 ga ins.
18 ga
20 ga ins.
Steel 20 ga,
22 & 24 ga
Alu. Steel
22 & 24 ga
1/2 120 160 250 275 290
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