Manaras MRX-1000 RADIO-15 Garage Door Opener Receiver 24V

Manaras MRX-1000 RADIO-15 Garage Door Opener Receiver 24V

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This item is discontinued.
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Manaras MR-1000 RADIO-14 Garage Door Opener Receiver
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
Manaras garage door opener receivers are quality units that can be used in commercial and private settings. If you need to control one garage door but prefer to have extended range, consider the Manaras MRX-1000 RADIO-15 garage door opener receiver. This receiver is for use with one garage door with MT series transmitters. Note that this receiver operates at the 313MHz frequency level and that this is a one channel coaxial receiver. If you are familiar with the MR-1000 RADIO-14 receiver from Manaras, you should note that the MRX-1000 receiver is identical every way except for the antenna. The inclusion of a commercial receiver antenna for increased range on the MRX-1000 separates the two receivers. The MRX-1000 operates on 24V AC power and the receiver has an LED light that lights when the unit has been activated.
  • One channel coaxial receiver for MT type transmitters
  • 24V AC power
  • One N/O relay
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QUESTION: Will this work with an manaras MTBH opener and if so what is the best remote for a single door? by Seth W 3/10/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Let me save you some time and money ! The kit I would recommend for a receiver and remotes is RC-1 kit ! Give me a call for more details 800-783-6112 Ext 12 by Taylor M a
QUESTION: will the MT2-1000 transmitter work with this receiver? by Ron N 9/27/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: What type of transmitter will work with this receiver and what is the expected range of reception that will provide consistent operation? by Jack M 9/18/2013
STAFF ANSWER: MT-1000 and MTM-1000 series remotes. They range will always vary amongst openers but you should see at least 1000. by Matthew O a
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