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Magnetic Strap Hinge, 18" Decorative Garage Door Hardware

Magnetic Strap Hinge, 18" Decorative Garage Door  Hardware
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Magnetic Strap Hinge, 18" Decorative Garage Door Hardware
Magnetic Strap Hinge, 18" Decorative Garage Door  Hardware
Product Description
Flexible magnetic material with an embossed-type finish

Priced per set of 4

comes with stick on buttons that simulate the appearance of a cap head bolt

Look very real, great reviews on this product.

Your garage door is the main entrance to many family homes and it takes up about one third of the image of your home and these magnetic strap hinges are the perfect quick dress up for your garage. Takes about 5 minutes to stick them all and adjust them to your desired location. Crinkle finish gives the appearance of real stamped metal.

Handles are sold separately and these 18" strap hinges are also available in 24" See below "related products"

  • DEPTH: 4-1/16 INCHES
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: We like the accent it gives our garage doors. by Jeff C 9/25/2017
COMMENT: it's magnetic and a great price by DENISE D 8/8/2016
QUESTION: Looking to replace 13" decorative hinges on back storm door. How wide are these hinges at the widest point? Can the hinges be cut to shorten them? diane by Diane W 8/1/2016
ANSWER: At the widest point, the "hinge" end, the straps are 2 inches high. The roundish arrow part is 2 inches high by 2 1/8 inch from the tip to the end of the arrow part. The shaft narrows down to 3/4 inch at the arrow part. The full length is 18 inches, as described. Yes, I think you could cut them, but keep in mind they're magnetic, so if your door is aluminum, it won't stick. You'll have to glue them by Michael T a
ANSWER: I measured back 13 inches and that width would be about 1 1/2 inches wide. Yes I would say you could cut them. by Tammy M a
ANSWER: They are 2 " at the widest point. It looks like you could cut them down. by Tom L a
ANSWER: Width is 2" at the widest points. The plastic is not real hard therefore they should be easy to cut in my opinion.<br />The width is 1 5/8" if you cut the hinge 13' from the pointed end.<br />One note of caution -- the magnetic hinges only adhere to a steel surface as they will not adhere to aluminum, wood or plastic, etc. by Ralph C a
QUESTION: Which are the best quality magnetic hinges you do ? by Jerry F 7/7/2016
ANSWER: You can't beat PERFECT :- by Julie P a
ANSWER: I found that the 18in Item # MSH-1 was outstanding. Looks realistic and the magnetic strap holds firmly on to any metal door. You'll love this product. by Georgiana S a
ANSWER: These are excellent quality. I have purchased them for 3 homes and they have been on one of them for over 8 years and still look great, and stay on as if they are nailed to the doors. I love them. They add such a finished look to a garage door. by joanne t a
QUESTION: Are you able to paint these a different color? by Carol M 3/25/2016
ANSWER: Try a spray paint that is recommended for plastic or vinyl. And consider one that is textured or speckled. by Julie P a
ANSWER: I am not sure. They are rough. It would depend upon paint used. by Dena S a
ANSWER: I am not sure as we wanted our to remain black. by Dara S a
ANSWER: These hinges are glossy vinyl black and never attempted paint. Maybe a light fine grade sand paper and a spray paint for plastic or vinyl with several coats. by Anthony A a
QUESTION: What color/finish are they? by None N 2/17/2016
ANSWER: Black with a matte finish and a hammered would think that it is realistic! by Julie P a
ANSWER: They are black, and look just like the real thing! by Judy N a
ANSWER: They r black and a flat finish. Looks like the real thing. I luv them by Arlene M a
ANSWER: Black. Looks like iron with texture. Realistic when installed. by Linda B a
ANSWER: The magnetic hinges have a semi-gloss black finish. by Dara S a
ANSWER: Black by Dena S a
ANSWER: The ones I bought were shiny black and I am happy with them. Have had them two winters and they look like new. by noel R a
ANSWER: They are black with a textured finish. by Gloria z a