Micanan CT-1 Industrial Transmitter

Micanan CT-1 Industrial Transmitter

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Micanan CT-1 Industrial Transmitter
Micanan CT-1 Industrial Transmitter
Product Description

Replace the garage door opener control for your commercial Micanan CT-1 industrial garage door opener transmitter from North Shore Commercial Door. The Micanan CT-1, also known as the Micanan MV-00023, is a 313 MHz transmitter to use with Canadian-made Micanan commercial garage door operators.

The Micanan CT-1 allows for the open, close and stop function of one door or gate. The open, close and stop functions are clearly marked on the remote. To set your new transmitter with the receiver, remove the back cover from both. Inside is an 8-bits dip switch you can see on the circuit board. Use a pencil or pen to set the 8-bits dip switch to the code you want. Match the code of the transmitter to the same off on or off positions. For example, if you set the code as 1, 3, 5 and 7 in the on position, and 2, 4, 6 and 8 in the off position, make sure the dip switches are set identically on the receiver. We sell Micanan commercial garage door operator transmitters and receivers.

Product Highlights:

  • CT-1 (MV-00023)
  • For use with Micanan commercial garage door operators
  • Transmitter has clearly marked open-stop-close buttons
  • Operate one door or one gate with this transmitter
  • Set the transmitter's 8 dip switches to the code you want, and match to the receiver
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