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Miller Edge CPT Sensing Edge Kit for Garage Doors

Miller Edge CPT Sensing Edge Kit for Garage Doors
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Item# CPT
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Miller Edge CPT Sensing Edge Kit for Garage Doors
Miller Edge CPT Sensing Edge Kit for Garage Doors
Product Description
The MillerEdge CPT Sensing Edge Kit for Garage Doors is now available to order- cut to your desired length (measured by the foot) from North Shore Commercial Door! The CPT assembly kit is the ultimate “Quick-Fix” repair or replacement sensing edge solution on the market today. Each affordable assembly kit contains everything you need including molded PVC end plugs, retainer, controller and preferred length of sensing edge extrusion.

The CPT Sensing Edge is electrically activated and features weather resistant seal, unique end plug design and new Conductive Polymer Technology. This slide in style edge is easy to install on most 1½” to 2” thick gates or sectional and rolling door applications when combined with ME123 mounting channels. The cut to fit flexible PVC extrusion easily stores on your service truck and quickly assembles to build in the field. The CPT Sensing Edge is durably manufactured with the highest quality control standards and protected by a 2-year warranty (manufactured components only/failure due to site workmanship is not covered).

Product Highlights:

  • Part Number: CPT
  • Electrically activated Sensing Edge solution
  • Intended for use with sectional and rolling steel doors or gate operators
  • Conductive Polymer Technology Edge
  • Easily stores on service truck (unbox/unfold sensing edges upon receipt to avoid damage)
  • Build in the field to desired length
  • Easy to install - slide in style
  • Flexible PVC Extrusion 
  • Unique Molded PVC End Plug 
  • Weather resistant - weather seal
  • Manufactured with the most durable materials and the highest quality control standards 
  • Fits ME123 mounting channels for installation on rolling steel or sectional doors
  • SOLD BY THE FOOT: For pricing purposes, any length over 2 inches will be charged another foot
  • Sectional Door Kit Includes:
    • Wired Plug
    • Non-Wired Plug
    • L-Shaped Retainer
    • Controller
    • Sensing Edge
  • Rolling Steel Door Kit Includes:
    • Wired Plug
    • Non-Wired Plug
    • Flat Retainer with End Flaps
    • Controller
    • Sensing Edge

Technical Information:

  • Applications: Rolling Steel and Sectional Doors or Gates from 1-1/2" to 2" thick
  • Color: Black
  • Extrusion Length: Extruded Flexible PVC - Please specify desired length
  • Sensing Edge Size: E1-5/8" H x 1-11/16" W
  • Sensitivity: Nominal 7-12 lbf
  • Lead Wire: 18" - 22 Guage
  • Wire Outlet Location: Universal
  • Wire Configuration: N.O. - Can be N.C. (contact factory)
  • Electrical Max: 24V AC/DC
  • Contact Element: "CPT" Conductive Polymer Technology
  • Mounting Channel: High-density PVC
  • Electrical Interface: Sealed Module - Provides seamless connection to "Logic" or "Relay" type operators
  • Warranty: 2 years on manufactured components only (failure due to site workmanship is not covered)
  • Independently Tested: ANSI/UL325 Recognized Component

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