Midland Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal

Midland Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal

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Midland Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal
Midland Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal
Product Description
Do you have a door from Midland Garage Door? Are you trying to find a weather seal that is right for you? North Shore Commercial Door now has Midland Garage Door Brand Weather Seal.

This seal is compatible with most of midland branded Garage Doors that use retainer models 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. This seal is grey in color, and measures four inches wide when laid out flat. This seal is formulated to endure varying climates and will remain flexible in temperatures from 30F to 0F. If you need a seal from Midland Garage Door to provide optimal protection from the elements, this is the seal you want.

In order to maintain flexibility the seal needs to be made from Flexible Poly Vinyl Chloride or FPVC. This material is commonly used for hard plastic applications such as the tires on lawnmowers and tractors. Installation of this product is easy and straight forward. All you need to do is slide the old seal out of the retainer, clean the retainer track, lubricate the retainer track, and slide the new seal into place.

When placing orders for this item, It is important to note that this seal is sold by the foot and will come in a roll. if you have a 16 foot garage door, the quantity you would need is 16.

Product Highlights:
Part Number: MIDLAND-WS WRR-400-RM

Seal Measures 4 wide

Grey in Color

Compatible with most Midland Garage Doors

Compatible with Midland Retainer models 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003

Made from Flexible Poly Vinyl Chloride or FPVC in order to stay flexible and protect your garage from the elements

Remains Flexible in 30F to 0F temperatures

Sold By the Foot
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COMMENT: We wanted the correct weatherseal for our Midland garage door. by Tyke C 9/28/2017
COMMENT: Appears to be the same as original one. by Elliott N 9/17/2017
QUESTION: We have 3 Midland doors in our shop, each 10 ft wide; all need replacement weatherstripping at bottom. If we order 30 ft will you send enough to allow for minor adjustments when cutting? Or do we need to order another foot just to be sure? Thank you. by Jim F 10/8/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Give us a call and we can make sure we get you the correct cuts. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: How wide is he T part of the seal WRR-400-RM? by None N 5/15/2016
ANSWER: The oval topped T is 1/4" wide. Chances are if you have a Midland door and can't find a replacement at the home stores, you'll need this. by Robert L a
QUESTION: I have a seal that looks like the WRR-400RM. I need the track to be 5/16" wide. Do you have a model that fits this measurement? by Jim R 2/22/2016
STAFF ANSWER: no we do not. by Taylor M a