Additional Controls

Secure your commercial garage doors or building entry doors with durable, easy-to-install MMTC security controls from North Shore Commercial Door. We have MMTC interlock switches that will prevent operation of the door’s open-close functions when the door is locked. The MMTC Carefree Industrial Keypad can be programmed with one or 1,000 access codes. You decide who and how many people have keypad access to your commercial or industrial site.

The MMTC PRH-100 emergency egress control is an interior-installation security device that allows manual operation of a commercial garage door, grille or gate during power outages. We have the MMTC IS-1 "chaperone" safety switches that will prevent a door or rolling steel grille from opening or closing if the door if a door or grille malfunctions. These controls prevent unsafe conditions and stop operation of rolling-steel grilles or doors that are incorrectly positioned. Also shop our versatile key switch control stations mounted that can be mounted inside or outside.