Explosion Proof Controls

Our explosion-proof MMTC Inc. commercial and industrial door or gate operator controls from North Shore Commercial Door are NEMA 7- and NEMA 9-rated for safe operations at facilities in the vicinity of corrosive or combustible materials.

We discount prices on one-button, two-button and three-button NEMA explosion-proof control stations housed inside made-tough metal enclosures. Our MMTC 1EBX explosion-proof one-button control station is a surface-mount multi-NEMA-rated solution for controlling entries and exits from facilities where hazardous materials are an issue.

Protecting Your Business

The control station's NEMA 7-rated metal housing was engineered for maximum containment of any electrical or combustive malfunctions. A NEMA 9-rated housing will protect the control station from any combustive dust. All MMTC explosion-proof MMTC stations have cambered plate-covers to keep out dirt, dust and other particulates.

Use a one-button MMTC 1EBX control station for one-button gate operator open/close operations or industrial door entry/exit operations. We have two-button MMTC 2EBX explosion-proof control stations, and MMTC 3EBX three-button explosion-proof controls.

Explosion-Proof Pull-Chain Switches

The MMTC CP-2X explosion-proof ceiling pull switch operates with a pull-chain, and it's is installed on the ceiling to keep it away from work floors. This is also a NEMA 7- and NEMA 9-rated control station that allows you to control open/close functions of a gate, commercial or industrial door or other enclosure.

We also have one-button MMTC ASX-1 explosion-proof pneumatic switches for heavy-duty commercial operations. We discount prices on all MMTC control stations and accessories.

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