Traffic Signals

Install MMTC traffic signals from North Shore Commercial Door on your loading docks or inside your warehouses and commercial buildings. Because workers and visitors instantly recognize that red means stop and green means go, these red light/green light traffic signals are as recognizable at a work site as they are on city streets.

Stop people and vehicles from entering unsafe or prohibited areas. Choose standard two-light MMTC traffic signals or environmentally friendly MMTC LED traffic signals that can be installed inside or outside your facility. Durable polycarbonate housings will stand up to dirt, dust and other contaminants inside or outside. Outdoors, they will resist damage from rain, snow and sleet.

Also find MMTC mounting hardware for MMTC-made traffic signals at discount prices. Shop our full line of MMTC residential and commercial garage door, entry door and gate security equipment and accessories. We ship fast from our massive U.S. warehouse at the Ohio headquarters of our family-owned company. Enjoy expert customer service before and after every purchase.