ZAP 8826 Series 3 Medium Duty Sectional Door Chain Hoist Jackshaft Opener

ZAP 8826 Series 3 Medium Duty Sectional Door Chain Hoist Jackshaft Opener

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This item is discontinued.
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Manaras O P E R A - MH   (O M H) Commercial Garage Door Opener
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Product Description
North Shore Commercial Door is committed to bringing our customer base the safest products on the market. Zap Operators are some of the most cutting edge side mount DC units in the market. The Zap DC garage door operator is your answer. The Zap features SafetySense technology, which is one of the industryís most advanced obstruction detection systems available. This type of technology allows the Zap to detect an obstruction on any part of the door, whether itís opening or closing. This means a safe garage door operator for your facility and its surroundings.

The model 8826-3 is a medium duty commercial model operator with a 1HP motor and auxiliary chain hoist. Itís capable of running sectional overhead garage doors up to 280 square feet in size, 1280 lbs. in balanced weight, with track configurations such as low headroom, standard lift, high lift, and full vertical lift. The 8826-3 offers one feature that the other Zap models do not and thatís a chain hoist. It allows you to run the door open and closed with the chain, instead of by hand. This is especially nice for those larger doors.

The model 8826-3 only requires 8 3/4Ē of side clearance and 6 3/4Ē above the center of your spring shaft, so limited space is not an issue. The entire operator is Nema 4 rated, which means itís resistant to water/moisture. The 8828-3 offers many built in program features that are standard. These include auto close timer, cycle counter, and service due reminder.

You can also incorporate a multitude of auxiliary items to the Zap 8826-3. These include, but are not limited to interior/exterior lighting, additional wall controls, swipe card devices, dock equipment, motion sensors, alarm systems, and more.

Installation of the model 8826-3 is quick and painless. It only requires one person with a ladder to install the motor assembly on the spring shaft. Nothing mounts to the wall, jamb, or header area. Unlike traditional operators, you wonít be needing the scissors lift, two people, or a welder for this installation. The Zap control box is even easier to install. Just four screws to fasten it to the wall near the door, and power it up by plugging it into a nearby outlet in your garage or shop (electrical pigtail required). Now itís just a matter of running the door open and close two times with the 8826-3 and it will set itís fully open and closed positions for you. You just stand back and watch!

The North Shore Commercial Door sales reps are very impressed by the functionality of the Zap operators, and are very confident that our customers will be as well.

Product Highlights:
  • Part Number: 8826-3
  • Side mount
  • DC operator
  • Medium duty commercial model operator
  • 1 horsepower
  • Auxiliary chain hoist
  • Safe, quiet & small
  • Compatible door sizes: Up to 280 sq. ft./1280 lbs. balanced weight
  • Low headroom, standard lift, high lift and full vertical lift
  • Requires 8 ĺĒ side clearance & 6 ĺĒ clearance above center spring shaft
  • Program features include auto close timer, cycle counter and service due reminder
  • Auxiliary capabilities include interior/exterior lighting, wall controls, swipe card devices, dock equipment, motion sensors, alarm systems & more
  • Simple installation of motor assembly to spring shaft
  • Control box fastens to the wall near the door & plug into outlet (electrical pigtail required)
  • Set fully open and closed positions by running the door open and close two times
Technical Information:
  • Motor and controller: Soft start/soft stop with 650 Newtons of force
  • NEMA 4X rated controller case: Controllers and push buttons are NEMA 4X
  • Drive reduction: Worm drive gearbox & V-belt reduction drive with floor level, adjustable belt tensioning/emergency release lever
  • Wiring type: C2 (factory default), B2 failsafe is standard with the addition of approved photo eye
  • Bearings and belts: Industrial grade bearings and automotive grade long life v-belts used by the drive systems with simple service of components
  • Construction: Heavy-duty 8-guage electro-plate finish steel frame, industrial bearings, worm drive gear box, aluminum drive pulley, secured with key stock and setscrew for simple service
  • Push button station: Control unit acts as the standard 3-button station for open/close/stop functions. Controller may be mounted remotely up to 24 ft. away from the operator, if it is to be wired with other external control devices that are designed to function as the primary door controls. Power supply is wired directly to the controller not the motor. Low voltage motor cable is supplied for easy wiring.
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