Multi-Code 3060 MCS306010 1-channel Key Ring Transmitter by Linear

Multi-Code 3060 MCS306010 1-channel Key Ring Transmitter by Linear

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Item# MCS306010
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Multi-Code 3060 MCS306010 1-channel Key Ring Transmitter by Linear
Multi-Code 3060 MCS306010 1-channel Key Ring Transmitter by Linear
Product Description
Lightweight, simple and ready to program right out of the box, the Linear Multi-Code 3060 gives you the simplicity you need in one convenient package. The Multi-Code 3060 comes in a neutral case with a fine grain finish, and it features a molded-in hole that you can use to attach it to your key ring. It fits nicely in a pocket, purse or even in your glove compartment. It also comes with a Velcro strip so you can mount it to your visor or dashboard.

Powered by a long-life 12-volt battery, the Multi-Code 3060 operates at a 300 MHz frequency. It's compatible with all other Multi-Code receivers and transmitters, so you can add it to your existing collection without missing a beat. The DIP switches allow you to use 1,024 codes for an added measure of security. The mini Multi-Code 3060 measures just 2.5 by 1.5 by 0.625 inches, making it one of the most convenient transmitters to date.

  • LED that illuminates during testing and operation
  • Keychain or key ring-ready
  • Compatible with all Multi-Code receivers and transmitters
  • Powered by a 12-volt battery
  • 1,024 codes that can be set by DIP switches
  • Frequency: 300 MHz
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COMMENT: Wanted to try a remote that is easier to carry. by Paul S 7/10/2017
COMMENT: Looks like my old one. by Joe L 12/29/2016
QUESTION: Will this work as a replacement for a Stanley model 3045-01 310 remote? by Joe L 12/29/2016
STAFF ANSWER: What is the Model number on the back of one of the Remotes that are currently in use or that were being using on your Garage door operator ? by Taylor M a
ANSWER: I believe it will. Does your current remote have 9 or 10, 2 position dip switches inside? by Troy C a
QUESTION: How to get it open to vhsnge the battery? It won't let me pry it open. by Carol W 2/25/2015
ANSWER: There's a small screw in the center of the back that has to be taken out. by David S a
QUESTION: Is this just a smaller version of the 3089? by None N 2/24/2014
ANSWER: yes it is and is very convenient, because it not as big as the 3089. I use both transmitters and i like most the 1060 by Hector S a
QUESTION: I lost my previous Multi-code transmitter. It was the same model as this one.Can I use the new one directly or I have to program it? by Shangbin W 6/20/2013
ANSWER: The transmitter is set to the default setting and your reciever should be also. If you open the transmitter to insert the battery you will see the panel with tiny switches that is the code setting. On the reciever there is a small removable window remove it and you will see the same panel the swithes should all be in the corresponding positions if not just use a pencil type tool and match the code settings. by Myles M a
ANSWER: You just need to set the tiny internal switches called DIP switches to the same positions as the DIP switches in the receiver. by R I a
REPLY: Okay, but how can I find the DIP switches in the receiver and set it in the transmitter? by Shangbin W r
REPLY: You'll need to open the receiving device, probably by removing an access panel or disassembling it by removing screws. The DIP switches on receiver and transmitter are changeable by design for security purposes. Shouldn't be too difficult to located the switches. Try Googling the device name and model number if available. You might get lucky and find instructions online. by R I r
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