Multi-Code 4140 MCS414001 4-channel Visor Gate & Garage Door Transmitter by Linear

DIP-switch programmable multi-door/gate entryway remote with convenient pie-wheel button design

Multi-Code 4140 MCS414001 4-channel Visor Gate & Garage Door Transmitter by Linear

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Item# MCS414001
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Multi-Code 4140 MCS414001 4-channel Visor Gate & Garage Door Transmitter by Linear
Multi-Code 4140 MCS414001 4-channel Visor Gate & Garage Door Transmitter by Linear
Product Description
The Multi-Code 4140 is ideal for residential garage doors and security gates. Because it's designed to fit neatly on your vehicle's visor, you'll always have it handy when you need it. This four-channel visor transmitter features an LED light that illuminates when you're testing or transmitting a signal, and it can control up to four separate doors or gates. The neutral color of this ergonomically molded garage door and security gate transmitter makes it a barely-noticeable addition to your vehicle.

Powered by a long-life 9-volt battery, the Multi-Code 4140 gives you easy access to the DIP switch and the battery compartment. It's compatible with all Multi-Code receivers and transmitters, which makes it ideal when you're upgrading your security systems. With 1,024 codes that can be set via the unit's DIP switches and small, convenient dimensions of 3.75 by 2.5 by 0.875 inches, the Multi-Code 4140 might be the best choice for the safety and security of your home, family and belongings.

  • LED light that illuminates during testing and operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long-life 9-volt battery supplies power
  • Easy access to battery compartment and DIP switch
  • Operates up to four doors or gates, or a combination of both
  • 1,024 possible codes
  • Frequency: 300 MHz
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COMMENT: exactly what I needed and quick to order by tim r 9/1/2017
COMMENT: Easy to program. Opens multiple gates at our location. by Andy K 4/18/2016
QUESTION: I want to use this remote to open 3 different gates around my condo building. I had the control with the 2 buttons since we had 2 gates, but the building next door just added their own gate. How would I program it if there are 3 different pins/dip switch codes? by Jessica B 10/24/2014
ANSWER: This remote is set up to open a total of 4gates. button #1 & #2 and will open either gate and button #3 & #4 the other gate.<br /><br />If the building you speak of is on a different setting then you will need a new remote for just 1 single pin/dip switch code.<br /><br />I have not seen one for 3 different pins/dip switch code. by Ric W a
QUESTION: need a replacement for my old multi code 10pin gate opener by this model work for the replacement? by None N 6/8/2014
STAFF ANSWER: This does have 10 pins but you also need to confirm what frequency of Megahertz your remote is using. These were available in 310MHZ and 300Mhz. Look at the back of your current remote and look for "300" or 310" to be printed somewhere. This model 4140 is the 300MHZ version. If you need the 310 unit please call us at 440-366-6112 by Matthew O a
QUESTION: do i have to programme it in, and how would i do it. also do you ship to uk? by kim s 5/27/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Match the dip switches in the remote to that in your old remote. Make sure that your units is 300MHZ if you are intending on using it in the UK because I think they use a lot of random frequencies that are not commonly used/sold in the USA by Matthew O a
QUESTION: muti code remote with 4buttons..the older model which the remote and the buttons are squared. 2 code of 10 pins inside I On the back of the unit is the Liner symbol made in china 216443 D<br />FCC ID EF4 NE02X4<br />anda RSS/CNR 210 1078 1652A<br /><br />Is the unit you offer will work with this unit describle? by Ric W 2/10/2013
ANSWER: Are you still looking for an answer? I can check with maintenance about the inside however the outside difference is in the RSS/CNR 210: 1078 102 1652A. The rest of the numbers are as you listed. The front looks just like the one above. by S H a
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