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Skylink MultiLink Remote Transmitters

SkyLink MultiLink Remotes

Skylink MultiLink remotes are replacement remotes that are designed to work with specific brands of garage door openers and gate openers. The remotes work with DIP switches that can easily be set to work with your brand of opener for easy set-up and use. Simply match the DIP switch on the remote to the DIP switch on the opener and you'll be good to go. Press the button and watch as your garage is signaled to open or close.

The compact remotes are designed with 1, 2 or 3 buttons so you can operate as many openers as needed. This is especially useful for people with multiple garage bays or businesses with several delivery docks. The MultiLink remotes are powered by a long-lasting lithium battery, so you'll get hundreds of garage door cycles before you need to worry about the battery dying.

Skylink MultiLink remotes are crafted with a built-in key chain connection as well as a visor clip. Store or carry your remote any way that you please to ensure that you always have your garage remote ready when you need it. The key chain openers also include a built-in LED flashlight on the top for emergency light in a convenient location. Order your Skylink MultiLink remote control today and enjoy the freedom of accessing your garage wirelessly.