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Multi Link GE-390 Genie® 390MHZ Compatible Garage Door Remote

Multi Link  GE-390 Genie®  390MHZ Compatible Garage Door Remote
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Item# GE-390
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Multi Link GE-390 Genie® 390MHZ Compatible Garage Door Remote
Multi Link  GE-390 Genie®  390MHZ Compatible Garage Door Remote
Product Description

The compact MultiLink GE-390 garage door remote transmitter with built-in LED flashlight, and key ring is designed to work with your Genie or Blue Max garage door opener remote. The battery is included with this 390 MHz model remote that's also a replacement for the Genie 912 12-pin and the Genie 3M3T-R master three-button remote. If you're not sure about a match, type the part number into our search box at North Shore Commercial Door.
  • Comes with battery
  • Works with Genie/Blue Max
  • Equipped with flashlight and key ring
  • Easy to program using 12 DIP switches

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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Lost the old one\ so have to get a replacement for blue max door opener. by Donald B 6/5/2017
COMMENT: have one in use for 3 years by robert j 4/28/2017
QUESTION: Is this compatible with a lift master 41a4252-6d opener? Made in 1997. It is 390 MHz by None N 2/24/2016
ANSWER: Sorry to say, this did not work for us. Worked at it for about a week before having a new opener installed. by rick L a
STAFF ANSWER: You will want a 971 LM by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Do you have to hold the button down for 5 seconds before it opens the door? by None N 11/10/2015
STAFF ANSWER: No you should only have to press it once. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Will this item GE-390 serve as a replacement for my old Genie AT90 remote 12 DIP switches? The FCC ID on the old remote is "B8Q GT50" and the frequency is 390. I've also looked at the Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K. Will either work? by None N 6/3/2014
ANSWER: I think it will because they substituted a better genie for my old 390. by Robert B a
ANSWER: Yes, it worked after getting this response.<br />Try reversing the switches.<br /><br />When I first set it up, it didn't work. I had to reverse the switches.<br /><br />I asked this question:<br />I recently ordered the a remote as a replacement for a Genie AT90. I <br />received a ge-390 in a ge-390m box. The item was a key chain remote <br />that does not look the ge-390 on your web site.<br /><br />I was told it was the correct one. by Torrence A a
QUESTION: What battery does this remote use? Also, what battery does the mini MAT90 309GED21K use?<br />Thanks. by None N 5/30/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Battery Model A23 by Matthew O a