The Multi-Code brand of garage door and gate openers, transmitters and receivers, made by Linear, has become a favorite with many installers because of their reliability. NSCD carries a full line of transmitters, receivers and keypads to meet a variety of needs. Our selection of transmitters includes key ring transmitters smaller than 2 cubic inches in size, hand-sized transmitters that also conveniently clip to a vehicle's visor, and multi-channel transmitters that can be used to operate more than one garage door or gate. NSCD also has multiple receivers, including receivers that automatically adjust to different power levels, so installers do not have to worry about having an incompatible part.

The Multi-Code 4200 Wireless Keypad provides the added convenience of opening a door or gate without carrying a transmitter. Just enter the four-digit code, which you can change at any time. We also carry wiring harnesses and antennas to complete the job. For some of the units below, both 300MHz and 310MHz versions are available.