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North Shore Commercial Door NSCD-390CV1 Compatible Remote

Programmable 9DIP-switch garage door opener has smaller, embedded button for "fumble-free" use and LED micro-bulb indicator light

North Shore Commercial Door NSCD-390CV1 Compatible Remote
North Shore Commercial Door NSCD-390CV1 Compatible Remote
North Shore Commercial Door NSCD-390CV1 Compatible Remote
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Item# NSCD-390CV1
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North Shore Commercial Door NSCD-390CV1 Compatible Remote
North Shore Commercial Door NSCD-390CV1 Compatible Remote
Product Description
The NSCD-390CV1 Liftmaster 61LM and 81LM Compatible remote is an excellent high quality replacement remote. We manufacture these remotes so we make sure only the best components are used to make them. As a result of our manufacturing our own line of remotes we have effectively removed the middle man from the process and are passing the saving on to you our loyal customers.


- Compatible with Liftmaster and Sears Openers

- 9 dip switch model

- Can be used on openers with a Green Learn button

- Long lasting Battery model# 9V

- Excellent range

- 3 year warranty

Compatible Replacement for These Model Remotes:

- Replaces Liftmaster Models 61LM, and 81LM

- Replaces Chamberlain Models 750CB, and 850CB

- Replaces Sears Models 1984-1992 139.5310 139.53100 139.53200 139.53210 139.53300 139.53310 139.53315 139.53400 139.53403 139.53413 139.53500 139.53513 139.53600 139.53601 139.53602 139.53603 139.53604 139.53605 139.53606 139.53607 139.53608 139.53609 139.53610 139.53611 139.53612 139.53613 139.53622 139.53632 139.53639 139.53651 139.53708 139.53718 139.53315SR 139.53415SR 139.53614SR 139.53615SR 139.53618SR 139.53619SR 139.53625SR 139.53632SR 139.53639SR 139.53651 139.53651SR 139.53699SR 139.654031
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Very positive reviews by Terrence L 9/26/2017
QUESTION: i have only a green learn button, only liftmaster, this one should work? by None N 2/1/2017
STAFF ANSWER: This will work 100% by Taylor M a
QUESTION: will a 9 dip remote that I just bought work with an 8 dip door opener ? by mike s 11/15/2016
ANSWER: Set numbers right to left.last. number 0.remote and drive unit by Paul I a
ANSWER: I have no idea ! by "MEMO" R a
ANSWER: I could not get it to work. I tried adjusting numbers 1-8 and 2-9 but no good. by Brooke G a
STAFF ANSWER: No it will not. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: do you sell other remotes compatible with the 390cv1 that are smaller? by ron r 4/28/2016
STAFF ANSWER: no we do not. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: My garage door opener is Raynor model 150 7. Is your NSCD-390CV1 compatible with that opener? If so, do you suppose an old guy 76 years cam enable your remote for usage with my opener? by None N 4/27/2016
ANSWER: if your opener has 9 dip switches it should work i used one of these on my opener it worked fine, very easy for a 75 year old. by donald s a
ANSWER: YEspecially if your opener had a 9 digit code it should work. It worked for me by Jay M a
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