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Allstar Garage Door Opener Parts

Garage Door Opener Replacement Parts

North Shore Commercial Door is an all-in-one resource for Allstar, MVP, Challenger Garage Door Opener replacement parts and accessories.

The Model 535T 3-Button, 27-Door, Open-Close-Stop, Stationary Transmitter is designed for commercial automatic door and gate-operator applications. This transmitter can operate multiple receivers connected to multiple operators. The transmitter has three buttons for Open, Close, and Stop commercial-operator functions and two rotary switches to select which receiver/operator to control. The three operation push-buttons have a surrounding bezel to shield them from accidental activation. The Stop button is colored red for easy identification. Up to 27 3-channel commercial door or gate receivers can be independently controlled by the 535T transmitter.

The Model 535T is compatible with 831R, 831RJ, MVP-3CH-24V-3T-4W, MVP-3CH-12V-8W-FC, MVP-3CH-24V-8W-FC, MVP-RE-24V-8W-FC, and MVP-MR 3-Channel receivers used in Open, Close, Stop applications. For Allstar gate-opener parts, Challenger garage-door opener parts, MVP garage-door opener parts and more, North Shore has what you're looking for.

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