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P-Bulb Style Weather Seals

P-Bulb Style Weather Seals
Our P-bulb style garage door weather seals from North Shore Commercial Door are by top brands like Windsor, and North shore Commercial Door . Our garage door P-bulb seals will fit most two-inch pan doors that have a P-Style seal. Please measure yours and compare it with the measurements on our site to confirm a proper fit. The Windsor P-bulb garage door bottom weather seal, crafted of a durable black vinyl compound, is also sold by the foot. When installing a P-bulb replacement weather seal on your garage door, we recommend that you enlist a friend. One person can feel the seal, and the other can pull it through the channel for a secure fit. Watch our how-to online video for a demonstration. Or, consult our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We have won five-star reviews for superior customer service for more than 35 years.

P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seals

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of garage door bottom P-bulb seals?

P-end garage door bottom weather seals, crafted of vinyl compounds or foam, offer solid protection at a lower price than costlier specialty rubber bottom seals. These sturdy P-bulb seals from North Shore Commercial Door fit most standard retainers built to hold weather seals with P-shaped ends.

The P-shaped end atop the seal (available in a variety of bulb widths) fits onto your retainer. The bulb creates a barrier that will also close gaps on uneven garage floors beneath your garage door.

When installed, the P bulb weather seal will protect against hot or cold drafts that can otherwise drive up your home's monthly utility bills. This economically priced P-bulb garage door bottom seal will also create a barrier against dust, dirt, water, bugs, rodents and other contaminants.

We also sell P-end bulb foam weather stripping that you can use on jambs, windows, garage door bottoms and more because of its thinner size designed to fit into smaller spaces.

How do I install a P-end bulb seal for my garage door?

Each of the P-end bulb garage door bottom weather seals we sell includes installation instructions. Watch our how-to video on installing P bulb weather seals on how to quickly install your P bulb weather seal on a garage door bottom retainer.

First, take a look at your old weather seal to make sure it's a P-end weather seal. A P bulb replacement weather seal is easier to install on a garage door bottom retainer when you have a friend on hand. One person can position and guide the installation process, while another person can carefully pull it through the single channel on your retainer to complete the job. Trim the length of your P bulb weather seal to fit the length of the retainer by using an ordinary utility knife.

How do I know if a P-bulb seal is the right fit for my garage door?

Our P-bulb style garage door weather seals will fit most two-thick garage door bottoms with a retainer designed to hold a P-style seal. We carry Windsor P-bulb garage door bottom weather seals designed exclusively for Windsor brand garage doors. Our model V0015-GR-W P-bulb garage door bottom weather seal will fit many Genie model garage door models.

We sell our weather seal by the foot, which makes it easier to avoid ordering a very long size that will not be used. However, we do recommend that you order an extra foot after measuring your garage door bottom from edge to edge for length. This will allow for any slight fluctuation in manufactured size. Use a utility knife to cut and remove excess weather stripping.