Passage Door Seal Kits and Door Closers

Seal your residential or commercial walk-through door with a high-quality walk-through door weather seal kit or door sweep. Our easy-to-install door sweeps and seal kits help seal out drafts and cold weather using durable, long-lasting materials. We carry weather seal kits for 3-foot and 4-foot wide doors, perimeter bulb seal kits for 3-foot, 4-foot and 6-foot wide doors and perimeter brush seal kits for 3-foot, 4-foot and 6-foot wide doors.

Our Passage Door Perimeter Brush Seal Kits feature weather-proof aluminum retainers and a reliable Slim-Line Brush seal, while the Passage Door Perimeter Bulb Seal Kits use vinyl bulb seals and aluminum retainers. Passage door sweep weather seal kits feature quality vinyl seals and aluminum retainers. Each kit from North Shore Commercial Door comes complete with matching screws and pre-punched retainers for quick installation.

  • For commercial and residential walk-through doors
  • Features pre-punched retainers for quick installation
  • Includes fasteners
  • Includes matching screws
  • Quick installation
  • Various finishes available