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PowerMaster 29-20007 | 4-Button Transmitter

Multi-button remote with visor and secondary, clasp-design clip; enumerated buttons

PowerMaster 29-20007 | 4-Button Transmitter
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PowerMaster 29-20007 | 4-Button Transmitter
PowerMaster 29-20007 | 4-Button Transmitter
Product Description
PowerMaster 29-20007 | 4-Button Transmitter
Remote with new-design, flexible holder bracket for removable visor clip. Rolling code remote for commercial industrial operators by PowerMaster using the PowerMaster R2701 Straight-forward, simple, conventional programming with receiver learn function and any of remote's buttons. LEDs for operation and functioning. North Shore Commercial Door is your go-to for transmitters of all kinds. 433 MHz remote is a solution to workshop needs of multiple bays or gate entry and individual door settings as HOAs.

Product Highlights | Specs | Techs
  • 4-button rolling-code remote | 2x2 stacked button orientation
  • Flexible clasp: can remove transmitter from visor clip
  • Working frequency: 433 MHz
  • Designed for operators that are configured for use with or adaptable to PowerMaster R2701
  • Operating temperature: -4F to 140F
  • Operation/functional LED
    • Also used for programming
  • Working voltage: 12-24 VAC/DC
  • Reinforced/embossed buttons needed for use in commercial, industrial settings
    • Also prevents accidental open or close; pocket or bump from active environments
  • ALT-SKU: PM 644
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