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Janus Pr Guides For Model M2500/M3100

Janus Pr Guides For Model M2500/M3100
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Janus Pr Guides For Model M2500/M3100
Janus Pr Guides For Model M2500/M3100
Product Description
North Shore Commercial Door is your one stop shopping destination for all of your Janus International Repair parts. We have replacement guides for Janus Internationals M2500 and M3100 Series Commercial Rolling Steel Doors available for Purchase!

The Guide for Janus Rolling Steel Doors are the track that the door mounts to. The Guides for M2500 are 3 inches wide and the guides for M3100 are 4 inches wide. The 16 gauge galvanized steel guides require no pre-installation modifications for wood, steel, concrete or masonry block applications. When ordering please keep in mind that these are sold in pairs. If one guide needs replaced, then both guides must be replaced for safety purposes. Guides are also by the foot, and in order to assure that customers receive the proper replacement part, the full height of the door is required. When you receive your order, the guides will measure an extra 12 inches long in order to ensure a proper fit with your Janus door.

  • Guides are sold in pairs
  • Sold by the foot, measure full door height to ensure an accurate order to fit your rolling steel door
  • Commercial guides from Janus International will come with 12 inches extra to ensure a proper fit
  • For Models M2500 and M3100
  • M2500 Guide is 3 Inches wide
  • M3100 Guide is 4 Inches wide
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