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TorqueMaster Springs

TorqueMaster Spring, .110" Wire Size, .650" ID

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Spring Wire Size:
0.110 Inches
MSRP: $15.38 - $18.11
$13.98 - $16.46
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North Shore Commercial Door offers the TorqueMaster® One and TorqueMaster® Plus Garage Door Counterbalance Systems, designed by Wayne Dalton. These systems feature a durable wire size of 0.110 inches and an interior diameter of 0.650 inches. Upgrade your garage door with these innovative systems known for enhanced safety and performance.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Safety: Enclosed springs safely contain tension, minimizing injury risks.
  • Anti-drop Mechanism: Prevents sudden drops even if a spring breaks.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple tension adjustments ensure optimal operation.
  • Sleek Design: Clean exterior appearance resists dirt and enhances aesthetics.

Compatible with:

  • Carriage House Steel Garage Door Model 8670
  • Carriage House Steel Garage Door Model 9405
  • Classic Steel Garage Door Model 9100 / 9605
  • Classic Steel Garage Door Model 8000 / 8200
  • Designer Fiberglass Garage Door Model 8680 (up to 8ft.)
  • Designer Steel Garage Door Model 8310

Available Sizes:

  • TorqueMaster One - 27.42" Right Wind
  • TorqueMaster One - 32.66" Left Wind
  • TorqueMaster Plus - 27.42" Right Wind

Dependable Performance:

Wayne Dalton has rigorously cycle-tested over 250 TorqueMaster® One springs with a 0.110-inch wire size, exceeding industry standards* by 15%. Enjoy reliable, long-lasting performance for your garage door.

*Exceeds ANSI/DASMA 102 minimum 10,000 cycle life requirement.

Choose TorqueMaster® One from North Shore Commercial Door for unmatched safety, convenience, and superior performance.