Pulsar 8832T Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter 318Mhz

Pulsar 8832T Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter 318Mhz

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Item# MMTC8832T
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Pulsar 8832T Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter 318Mhz
Pulsar 8832T Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter 318Mhz
Product Description
Enjoy remote access to your garage door or gate with the Pulsar 8832T two-channel remote designed to replace 318 MHz-compatible Pulsar, Allister, Allstar and Heddolf garage door opener or gate transmitters. This Model MMTC-8832T Pulsar garage door replacement remote comes with a standard 9V battery and visor clip, and usually ships the next business day from North Shore Commercial Door.

This replacement remote fits Pulsar models 832, 832T, 8832 and 8832T, Allstar model ADX8832 and PDX8832 transmitters. The 8 DIP switch, trinary (three-position) format can be made compatible with original equipment 9 DIP formats by adjusting the DIP switches. The changes are described in the programming instructions included with your purchase. While many original Pulsar garage door opener remotes and receivers had frequencies of 288 MHz and 305MHz, they are interchangeable with t318 MHz frequency Pulsar 8832T replacement garage door opener or gate remotes.
  • Compatible with Pulsar, Allister, Allstar, Heddolf
  • 8 DIP Switch, Trinary Format
  • 318 MHz operating frequency
  • 9V battery and visor clip included
  • Easy-to-follow programming instructions

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COMMENT: I had trouble finding a remote for an older garage door opener. You have it at a reasonable price! by Mark P 6/28/2017
COMMENT: Business Reviews were very helpfull. Im trying to replace an ALLISTAR ADX832 . by scott l 5/13/2017
QUESTION: I just purchased this remote to replace an Allister ADX8832. I set the dip switches the same as on the Allister remote and it worked instantly. However the Pulsar model does not appear to have the "signal" strength as the Allister remote. There are instances when I push the remote the door does not open, When I pull closer to the garage door then it works. With the Allister remote I can be much farther in distance and it always works. Is there an adjustment I can make and why does the Pulsar work like the Allister? by Roger F 6/9/2016
ANSWER: I have encountered a similar situation. I merely push the button when my vehicle is closer than I had to with the original Allister remote opener to the garage door. This is not an inconvenience...it is better than no opener remote...and the door still raises timely for me to drive into the garage. by Steve M a
ANSWER: I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your question. The Pulsar did not operate my Allister system. by Richard M a
QUESTION: Looking for a replacement remote for old Pulsar model no. PDX8822. Do you know what I need? by None N 1/24/2016
ANSWER: No I do not, but maybe you can give us, the shoppers and North Shore the information to let us guess closely for you. Do you need an opener for two garage doors, or two doors, plus a gate. <br /><br />The two doors have two buttons and the doors plus a gate have three. North's website shows illustrations of about ten different models, so maybe you can select yours from those illustrated. Sorry I was not able to be more specific. by William F a
QUESTION: Does the remote replace Allister ADX8832 remote? by None N 11/13/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it does. by Taylor M a
ANSWER: I have no idea.. sorry by Tom F a
QUESTION: Does this come with a visor clip? by None N 4/13/2013
ANSWER: Yes it comes with a visor clip. by Steven B a
ANSWER: Yes by Dan G a
ANSWER: Yes. it comes with a visor clip by N A a
ANSWER: Yes it does. by S M a
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