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Pulsar Remotes

Pulsar Remotes

Pulsar Garage-Door Opener Remotes are ideal for commercial and residential gate and Garage Door Controls. Pulsar has been controlling commercial, industrial and residential overhead doors and gates for more than 40 years. The Pulsar radios in the North Shore Commercial Door Pulsar catalogue are not original equipment. These are functionally equivalent to the originals, transmitting and receiving on 318 MHz. An updated style case has replaced the original. All programming is the same, and they will work interchangeably with the previous equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I program my Pulsar garage door opener remote?

At North Shore Commercial Door, we offer an extensive collection of affordably priced Pulsar garage door opener remote control transmitters and receivers. Each comes with an instruction guide with how-to information on programming your Pulsar remote.

For example, the 318Mhz Pulsar 831T gate or commercial garage door opener remote is a three-position (trinary) format dip switch remote transmitter. The Pulsar 9931T garage door or gate remote can be programmed to match its eight dip switch trinary format to a nine dip switch format.

Can someone hack my Pulsar garage door opener remote?

It's easier to copy older remotes (pre-1990) than newer remotes with built-in security safeguards sold by North Shore Commercial Door.

How do I get a copy of my Pulsar garage door opener remote?

Pulsar 318MHz remotes have the same programming, so they will work interchangeably with your original Pulsar equipment. An updated style case has replaced the original on new Pulsar replacement remotes. The remote's eight dip switch, three-position programming format is easy to activate with your garage door opener transmitter or gate mechanism. Simply follow the programming instructions.