Raynor 370RGD Security+ Mini 3-Button Garage Door Opener Keychain Remote Control

Raynor 370RGD Security+ Mini 3-Button Garage Door Opener Keychain Remote Control

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This item is discontinued.
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Liftmaster 890MAX Mini Key Chain Remote Control Garage Door Opener
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
At North Shore Commercial Door, our extensive inventory of Raynor garage door opener parts can ensure optimal system performance. The Raynor 370RGD remote control is the miniature version of the Raynor 373RGD 3-button remote control. Providing the same signal range and enhanced security of the full-sized remote, the 370RGD remote offers the convenience of a compact size—fitting easily in pockets, purses and on key chains. To ensure your system is compatible with your 370RGD Raynor remote, check your system's motorhead learn button, which should be purple.

The Raynor 370RGD remote is equipped with Security Plus rolling code technology, which sends a new code every time the remote is used and enhances home security. Able to operate up to three garage door systems or gates, the 370RGD is compatible with other Raynor 300 Series remotes and keypads. A 3V battery is included with the remote and offers five years of life with normal use.
  • Compatible with 371RDG, 372RDG and 373RDG remotes and Raynor 300 Series keypads
  • Operates up to three garage door systems or gates
  • Features Security Plus rolling code technology
  • Easy to program
  • Includes lithium battery
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COMMENT: Customer by Cathy K 3/15/2014
COMMENT: amazon by Ian S 12/18/2013
QUESTION: would this keychain remote will work with<br /> <br />RAYNOR AVIATOR with a purple color button on the garage motor?<br />Remote IC: 2666A<br />1573 08/10<br />373 RGD 3-Button<br /><br />Thanks a lot by Ibrahim A 7/13/2013
ANSWER: Yes by Willie M a
ANSWER: Sorry but I cannot answer your specific question. I have a Raynor Navigator with a purple button and it works. It also works on our other 2 garage doors equipped with LiftMaster openers. I programmed all 3 on different buttons and can open any of them individually. I bought the key chain opener to go with my motorcycle key chain. Love it and so convenient! by Robert B a
ANSWER: Yes this remote will work with the purple button raynor aviator. Its what I have and I'm very pleased with the operation and multifunctions it offers. by R C a
QUESTION: The remote in the pic says liftmaster but the title and description only mentions raynor, are they one in the same or is it a generic picture ect? by None N 6/5/2013
ANSWER: I believe that may just be a stock picture from the marketing team at the manufacturer. The one I received looked nothing like that and does work just fine with both of my raynor opener systems by J R a
STAFF ANSWER: Liftmaster is the manufacture of most raynor radio controls. The 370RGDraynor is identical to the 370LMliftmaster they both work on units with a purple learn button. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: The opener works great on my Liftmaster doors, better than the big one with the visor clip. The writing worn off and I can't remember if it said Liftmaster. Works well on three doors, it was a good purchase and I'll probably get another one. by Michael T a
ANSWER: The 370RGD Opener Keychain Remote operates my Raynor <br /><br />Door Lift perfectly. Don't really know if Raynor and<br /><br />Liftmaster are one and the same.<br /><br />Robert Schneider by Robert S a
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