Raynor 893MGX 3-Button Garage Door Opener Remote Control

Raynor 893MGX 3-Button Garage Door Opener Remote Control

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PLEASE NOTE! The 839RGX has been discontinued and replaced with the LiftMaster 893Max. The 893 Max will be sent, and is identical in every way except for the name on the case.
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Raynor 893MGX 3-Button Garage Door Opener Remote Control
Raynor 893MGX 3-Button Garage Door Opener Remote Control
Product Description
The 893RGX Raynor remote is compatible with all LiftMaster garage door systems manufactured after January 1993 and all 315MHz LiftMaster and Elite gate operators. A simple way to ensure the 893RGX Raynor door remote is compatible with your model is to check your system's learn button. The 893RGX remote is compatible with garage door systems that have a green, red or purple learn button.

Useful as a Raynor universal garage door remote control, the 893RGX remote can replace 80 Series, 300 Series and 900 Series Raynor remotes and can control up to three garage door or gate systems. Featuring a long signal range, the 893RGX remote features Security+2.0 technology and is MyQ enabled. The 893RGX remote also features LED notification lights for simple programming, and the remote includes a vehicle visor clip and 3V2032 coin battery.
  • Can replace 81RGD, 82RGD, 83RGD, 84RGD, 970RGD, 971RGD, 972LRGD, 973RGD, 974RGD, 370RGD, 371RGD, 372RGD, 373RGD, 373LP, 374RGD remotes
  • Compatible with all Liftmaster systems manufactured after January 1993 and all 315MHz Liftmaster and Elite gate operators
  • Can operate up to three garage door or gate systems
  • LED notification lights ensure easy programming
  • Includes vehicle clip visor and battery
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COMMENT: Our new Raynor garage door opener only came with 1 remote 2 cars. Our car's homelink was not compatible, so decided another remote would be better than buying a repeater and it might not work either. by Barbara L 5/23/2017
COMMENT: I like the 893MGX because its comparable to my 893RGX by Ronald B 4/14/2017
QUESTION: I have a 1990 Raynor 130-7 model with a Linear Delta 3 remote- model DTD, 310MHz;<br />will the newer remote work with this old before 1993 unit? by James L 5/27/2016
ANSWER: This site's prohibits download from other websites. From what I read, this new remote is compatible with doors that have purple, red orange, and green "Learn Buttons." I suggest you call LiftMaster directly, can't send contact numbers from this site. Good luck! by C O a
QUESTION: How do you program this remote? by None N 4/3/2016
ANSWER: Hello Fellow Shopper,<br /><br />I cannot improve on the instructions that I received w/ my replacement remote.** The remote itself is programmed away from door, Steps 1-3. Then you need to get up on a ladder and program the box, Steps 4-6. To program the automatic opener on your car mirror, refer to your Owner's Manual, and do it away from the garage. I'm very pleased w/ my Raynor Door Opener after 15 years. North Shore rocks too!<br /><br />**Nothing was wrong w/ my old one, it simply was lost. Needless to say, I found the old one the same day I got your inquiry. by C O a
ANSWER: I can't really improve on the instructions that came with the . I purchased mine as a replacement. You need to program the remote first. Then get up on a ladder next to the box on the garage ceiling to "teach" it with the remote. To program the automatic garage door opener in your vehicle, you should refer to the owner's manual. I expect either Raynor or you auto manufacturer would be happy to Tech assist. I've had the opener for 15 years in my garage, and couldn't be more pleased with it. A good investment! GLTY. by C O a
ANSWER: There are a few videos on YouTube that guide you step-by-step! by Nedzad H a
QUESTION: I have a Raynor 893RGX, is the 893MGX compatible with mine? by None N 5/26/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Is the 893RGX and the 893MGX are the exact same. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: compatable to 139.53779? by jack m 10/7/2014
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