Raynor 890MGX 3-Button Mini Garage Door Opener Remote Control

Raynor 890MGX 3-Button Mini Garage Door Opener Remote Control

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Item# 890MGX
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Raynor 890MGX 3-Button Mini Garage Door Opener Remote Control
Raynor 890MGX 3-Button Mini Garage Door Opener Remote Control
Product Description
When searching for a Raynor remote control replacement, it's important to choose a remote that is compatible with your garage door model. The 890MGX Raynor garage door remote is compatible with all Raynor garage door system manufactured after January 1993 and all Liftmaster systems that feature safety sensors. The miniature version of the 893MGX Raynor garage door opener, the 890MGX is conveniently sized to fit in pockets, purses or on key chains and can replace all other 300 Series, 900 Series and 80 Series remotes.

The 893MGX remote is equipped with Security+2.0 rolling code technology, increasing security for your family and property. MyQ enabled, the Raynor remote can also control MyQ lights and appliances, and the remote can operate up to three garage door systems or gates. The 890MGX features LED notification lights for easy push-bottom programming and includes a keychain and 3V2032 coin battery.
  • Can replace 81RGD, 82RGD, 83LRGD, 84RGD, 970RGD, 971RGD, 972RGD, 973RGD, 974RGD, 370RGD, 371RGD, 372RGD, 373RGD, 373RP, 374RGD remotes
  • Compatible with Raynor and Liftmaster garage door systems manufactured since 1993
  • Security+2.0 and MyQ enabled
  • Includes keychain and battery
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COMMENT: I have two garage doors and live in a gated community. I hope that with this opener I will no longer have to use three openers. by N.D. E 3/26/2017
COMMENT: It says it works with Raynor garage door openers after 1993 and ours is 1994 and it has two buttons for two doors and we have two doors so hoping it works! by Sherri B 10/7/2016
QUESTION: Is this remote compatible with the Raynor Commander? by None N 10/27/2016
ANSWER: Yes by Vincent S a
QUESTION: Can I use this remote if mines call for 370LM? by Betty R 8/4/2016
STAFF ANSWER: yes by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Will this work with a Raynor 160-7 garage door opener? by Jonathan B 8/3/2016
STAFF ANSWER: What is the Model number on the back of one of the Remotes that are currently in use or that were being using on your Garage door operator ? by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Will this remote work with a Raynor Pilot 1/2 HP garage opener? Not sure on exact model # but the garage opener does say "Raynor Pilot 1/2 HP". Garage was put in est. 2011.<br /><br />Thank you. by Lon L 1/12/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will. by Matthew O a
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