Raynor Garage Door Opener Remotes

Raynor Remotes

We have the Raynor garage door opener remote control transmitter that you want, and at a lower price than you will find elsewhere, at North Shore Commercial Door. Shop our discounted prices on Raynor Security+ keychain remotes and compatible one-button, two-button and three-button remotes for Raynor garage door openers. We have Raynor garage door opener remote replacements for Billion Code series and Skylink Raynor remotes. If you need a 310MHz eight-dipswitch remote, we have it.

Also shop our Raynor wireless garage door opener entry keypads. Add a keypad when you want another way to access your garage without a key or remote. Replace an old keypad with our new OEM Raynor wireless keypads. To control up to four Raynor garage door openers, our Raynor 66RGD wireless entry keypad can be programmed with as many as four unique PIN codes. Plus, it's equipped with Security+ 2.0 rolling code technology to help prevent code hacking. Repair your garage door with Raynor garage door parts. Protect your garage's contents with durable Raynor brand garage door weather seals.

Below you will find a reference for the different models of Chamberlain Liftmaster garage door remotes:

If you have the security plus series:(Amber)

KeyChain - Raynor 970RGD

1 Button - Raynor 971RGD

2 Button - Raynor 972RGD

3 Button Raynor 973RGD

Wireless Keypad Raynor 976RGD

If you have the Security Plus (ERT) series:(Purple)

KeyChain - Raynor 370RGD

1 Button - Raynor 371RGD

2 Button - Raynor 372RGD

3 Button Raynor 373RGD

Wireless Keypad Raynor 377RGD

Finger Print Keypad Raynor 379RGD

If you have the Billion Code series:(Green)

KeyChain - Skylink 69N

1 Button - Raynor 81RGD

2 Button - Raynor 82RGD

3 Button Raynor 83RGD

Wireless Keypad Raynor 66RGD

If you have the 9 Dip Switch Style:

KeyChain - Skylink 69N

1 Button - Raynor 61RGD

2 Button - Raynor 62RGD

3 Button Raynor 63RGD

Wireless Keypad Raynor 66RGD

If you have the 8 Dip Switch Style 310MHz : Raynor 310