Raynor Garage Door Opener Remotes

North Shore Commercial Door has a full line of Raynor Garage Door Opener remotes, and a guide on its website to help sort out the confusion about compatibility with different doors and systems.

The easiest way of finding the remote compatible with your Raynor garage door opener is to identify the color of the learn button of your logic board. This is on the back of the motor unit of your garage door.

The learn button will be a square button near the center of your logic board. If you have an older model garage door opener, then there will be a set of dip switches that are used to program your opener instead of a learn button. Commercial GDO's or gate openers might be located differently.

Based in Illinois, Raynor is dedicated to its customers, employees and its community. Since 1944, innovative ideas; an experienced, dedicated work force and commitment to high standards and honest business principles have helped Raynor set a standard for excellence.

Below you will find a reference for the different models of Chamberlain Liftmaster garage door remotes:

If you have the security plus series:(Amber)

KeyChain - Raynor 970RGD

1 Button - Raynor 971RGD

2 Button - Raynor 972RGD

3 Button Raynor 973RGD

Wireless Keypad Raynor 976RGD

If you have the Security Plus (ERT) series:(Purple)

KeyChain - Raynor 370RGD

1 Button - Raynor 371RGD

2 Button - Raynor 372RGD

3 Button Raynor 373RGD

Wireless Keypad Raynor 377RGD

Finger Print Keypad Raynor 379RGD

If you have the Billion Code series:(Green)

KeyChain - Skylink 69N

1 Button - Raynor 81RGD

2 Button - Raynor 82RGD

3 Button Raynor 83RGD

Wireless Keypad Raynor 66RGD

If you have the 9 Dip Switch Style:

KeyChain - Skylink 69N

1 Button - Raynor 61RGD

2 Button - Raynor 62RGD

3 Button Raynor 63RGD

Wireless Keypad Raynor 66RGD

If you have the 8 Dip Switch Style 310MHz : Raynor 310