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Allstar Receivers


It's just as important to receive as it is to give, when it comes to Allstar Garage Door Receivers, which are available at North Shore Commercial Door. The Allstar Garage Door Opener Receiver Model 110549 is a 318 MHz-frequency, three-pronged, four-wire receiver that is capable of operating two devices or garage door openers at once. Allstar Garage Door Opener Receiver Model 8833R-288 is a 288 MHz-frequency three-wire receiver capable of operating three devices.

North Shore Commercial Door offers the Allstar 110548 MVP 1-Channel 318 MHz Receiver, which works with any Allstar, Allistar, or Pulsar garage-door opener. It covers dip-switch style and rolling code MVP remotes and works with gates or garage-door openers. The Allstar 110554 MVP 3-channel receiver 24V 318 MHz provides full open, close, stop (OCS) functionality for one door only. It accepts up to eight different OCS transmitter codes.

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