Recycled PVC Lumber

PVC Lumber from North Shore Commercial Door is made from 100% recycled materials and is used as shipping support in a variety of applications. Keeping material safe and undamaged during shipping is an essential part of any job. Plastic 2x4s are versatile strips of recycled rigid PVC that can be used in virtually any shipping application to provide a lightweight and reliable structure to packaging. Plastic 2x4s provide safe, rigid slots for delicate materials to be placed and can be stacked together easily on pallets. Each 2x4 has a hollow design with three slots separated by four legs. The legs act as dividers and the hollow design has three individual slots for holding and stacking material on pallets so they don’t move and get damaged in transit. Two plastic shells can be stacked together to act as clamshell packaging and can provide more structural support when stacked. Their lightweight rigid PVC construction provides a reliable structure to packaging while also keeping shipping costs low. 

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