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North Shore Commercial Door Protect has economically priced garage door bottom seal retainers from Action Industries. These versatile plastic and aluminum retainers create a barrier to stop pests, water, and dirt from entering your garage. A garage door weather seal retainer also will also help you save on your energy bills by sealing out heat or cold drafts. They're sold in sections, so you won't have to order more than you need to create a bottom seal on your garage door. Choose the height you want. Our brush seal aluminum retainers will hold any half-inch to 3-inch standard brush, vinyl, or rubber seal sold at We also sell brush seal kits, which come with the brush pre-installed in the retainer and include fasteners for easy installation. If you have questions, consult our friendly staff by phone at 1-800-783-6112 or via direct chat, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Eastern time. Send questions anytime via e-mail to in-house experts an American Midwest company with more than 35 years of experience. Enjoy fast, low-cost shipping, too.


Replacement Garage Door Bottom Retainers

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I replace my garage door retainer?

Our discount-priced replacement garage door bottom retainers from North Shore Commercial Door include plastic-construction and aluminum retainers to replace worn or damaged retainers. We sell them in sections in half-inch to 3-in. heights. The garage door bottom retainer is what holds your garage door bottom weather seal.

We have straight retainers, L-shaped retainers and U-shaped garage door bottom retainers made with mill-finish aluminum. Choose replacement top seal retainers for rolling doors. Find standard and oversize aluminum retainers for garage door bottom brush seals.

Choose the garage door retainer style that matches your worn or damaged garage door retainer. You can check your owner's manual, or conduct your own measurements of the size you need to replace your garage door retainer.

How do you fix the bottom seal on a garage door?

Your replacement garage door bottom retainer will include installation instructions. Watch our replacement garage door retainer installation videos to see how to affix replacement retainers to your garage door. If you have questions, call or email our staff about your DIY installation projects.

We carry garage door bottom seal kits that come with a garage door bottom weather seal plus a replacement retainer. Some kits include installation hardware. Or, you can shop our garage door weather seal and retainer installation hardware collection.