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Rodent Protection Products

Rodent Protection Products
Keep rats, mice and other rodents out of your garage with our premium garage door rodent protection products from North Shore Commercial Door. We have rodent guards for garage doors, rodent-proof garage door seals and Xcluder block garage door seals. Our Xcluder garage door bottom seal kit can be installed on any garage door. The aluminum retainer included with the kit is sold in your choice of a 9-foot or 18-foot length that can be easily cut to size. These durable seals are almost impossible for rodents to penetrate and damage your garage contents. We have RodentBlock entry door sweeps with heavy-duty EPDM rubber seals to keep out those rats, chipmunks and other pests. Our Xcluder brand garage door rodent shield is an eco-friendly choice. Each comes with two 8-inch stainless steel strips with adhesive backing, an alcohol wipe and installation guide. Find the best rodent-busting product from our economically priced collection of garage door and garage interior protection products.

Rodent-Blocking Garage Door Bottom Weather Seals

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you seal a garage door from rodents?

Find the best residential and garage door rodent-blocking weather seals at North Shore Commercial Door. Keep mice, rats, bugs and other pests from invading your garage and ruining the contents.

Instead of using poisonous chemicals, an eco-friendly rodentBLOCK with Xcluder garage door bottom weather seal is designed to fit almost any garage door brand and model. It's the trademarked fill-fabric that creates a virtually impenetrable barrier against pests.

We have bottom seals, side seals and dock leveler seals by rodentBLOCK with Xcluder. The company's trademarked Night Guard dock leveler seal kit can be placed on each side of a commercial dock leveler when not in use to prevent rodents from entering your business at night. Xcluder is a registered trademark of Global Material Technologies Inc

How do I install rodentBLOCK seals and guards to keep rodents out?

Installation instructions and installation materials are included with your purchase of a rodentBlock with Xcluder garage door bottom weather seal. Each comes with stainless steel strips with a strong adhesive backing, an alcohol wipe to clean your installation surfaces and a how-to guide.

Watch a how-to video on rodent-blocking weather seals. If you have questions about finding the best fit or rodent-blocking weather seal, contact our family-owned company headquarters for help.

Which seals are best for keeping rodents out of my garage?

We recommend rodentBLOCK with Xcluder kits to keep rodents out of your garage. It's a non-toxic alternative to messy, toxic chemicals. We also like that these garage door bottom seals are easy to install, and that they can fit any garage door.

You don't have to worry about it fitting your garage door bottom retainer. These rodentBLOCK with Xcluder seals come with mounting screws and aluminum retainer that you affix directly to your existing garage door bottom.