Rolling Steel Garage Door Bottom Seal

Rolling Steel Garage Door Bottom Seal
Rolling Steel Garage Door Bottom Seal
Rolling Steel Garage Door Bottom Seal
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Rolling Steel Garage Door Bottom Seal
Rolling Steel Garage Door Bottom Seal
Product Description

A Rolling Steel Garage Door Bottom Seal from North Shore Commercial Door is a useful item to improve the functionality and efficiency of your garage door. A door bottom seal will improve heat retention and can reduce energy costs while keeping pests from entering. For use with double angle bottom bars, this seal is sold by the foot. Advantages of this product are:

  • It is clamped to the bottom of the door and will fit a single track garage door.
  • It consists of tough but flexible vinyl to ensure durability.
  • There are two 75 foot rolls per carton.
  • It has a 1.5 inch bulb-style flap.
North Shore Commercial Door has been in business for over 35 years and your satisfaction is of paramount importance. When you shop with us, we want your return business. Our friendly and helpful staff will answer your question online or over the telephone. If you need a Rolling Steel Garage Door Bottom Seal, shop with us today.

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COMMENT: good pricing by lynn f 5/15/2017
COMMENT: it will be a easy attachment to door by Dean T 2/24/2017
QUESTION: Dear Sir, I need a garage door bottom seal 16 steel door, the old seal is a bulb style seal with the bulb on one side approx. 3/4 inch, the total width of seal including bulb is about 3 inches wide, need about 16 1/2 feet of it to be sure. Please let me know what you have to fit this door. Thank you Ken Higgins ? by Ken H 8/9/2016
ANSWER: I bought this seal for the same type of situation. It worked for us, but we had to leave the old seal in place to make it work. by Brandon J a
QUESTION: Can I return this product if not the right one? by None N 2/3/2016
STAFF ANSWER: yes you can by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Does your rolling steel garage door bottom seal Item RB-21F come in white? What length do they come in? I only need 80". Thank you for your time. by John M 12/27/2015
STAFF ANSWER: only comes in black and I seal it by the foot ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: What is the full height of the seal including the bulb and flap? by Kurt N 11/28/2015