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Sears Craftsman 41A5021-3 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

Sears Craftsman 41A5021-3 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Sears Craftsman 41A5021-3 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Sears Craftsman 41A5021-3 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
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Item# 41A5021-3
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Sears Craftsman 41A5021-3 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Sears Craftsman 41A5021-3 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Product Description
The Sears Craftsman 41A5021-3 garage door opener circuit board from North Shore Commercial Door is suitable for a variety of Sears Craftsman garage door openers. If the circuit board on your Craftsman garage door opener needs replacing, this brand new part offers you an inexpensive, high-quality fix.

Replacing the circuit board on your garage door opener requires just unplugging a few wires from your old circuit board and plugging in a few wires to the replacement board. In some cases, you will also need to use the old circuit board's housing to ensure a proper fit. To do this, you simply use a screwdriver to unscrew the housing from the old board and screw it on the replacement board. If you're the least bit handy, the whole operation shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes.

North Shore Commercial Door's Sears Craftsman 41A5021-3 garage door opener circuit board works with Sears Craftsman models including:
  • 139.53661
  • 139.53661SRT
  • 139.53661SRT3
  • 139.53671
  • 139.53671SRT
  • 139.53671SRT3
  • 139.53672
  • 139.53672SRT
  • 139.53672SRT2
  • 139.53672SRT3
  • 139.53673
  • 139.53673SRT
  • 139.53673SRT3
  • 139.53674
  • 139.53674SRT1
  • 139.53674SRT2
  • 139.53677
  • 139.53677SRT
  • 139.53910
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COMMENT: After asking questions with your help site this was the part that you said replaces the circuit board in my garage door opener. thank you for your help. by Michael K 8/2/2017
COMMENT: replace broken board by John E 7/29/2017
QUESTION: does this circuit boar replace 41A5021 - 3c Craftsman? by kelvin g 1/8/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it does double check and make sure your learn button is orange ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: My unit responds to the remotes intermittently . I know its not the remotes, is it the board? by Chad J 1/6/2016
ANSWER: Be sure that there is no interference with antenna and that it is clean. I would try removing and reconnecting the connectors to the board, if no help the board is suspect. by Larry B a
ANSWER: I was having the same problem when my remotes quit working all together. I new is wasn't the remotes so I replaced the circuit board and problem solved. However, the instruction for reprogramming remotes on the back of my unit was not correct - I had to use the programming directions in the manual which were different from the back of the unit. Problem solved. by Terry M a
ANSWER: I trouble shooted the manual, and it was the circuit board. It works great even though it's not a perfect size fit. by Brian F a
ANSWER: Same thing happened to mine last summer. I replaced the board and re-programmed the remotes and everything worked perfect. by Joey H a
STAFF ANSWER: There is good chance that it is if you have had any storms in your area lately. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Will this board sub for a 41A5021-3C? by None N 6/11/2015
ANSWER: No. My original board was curved while the one they sent was flat. Square peg in a round hole. by Joseph W a
ANSWER: No, it's not an exact fit. My original had different corners on the bottom of the board, so I had to cut the new board to fit. Not a major problem, as I was able to do it with tin snips. Since then the remotes stopped working again, so I purchased a new garage door opener. by Gary C a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes this replacement works with the 41a5021-3C by Matthew O a
QUESTION: have an older craftsman garage door opener remotes still work but door bell style button wont work even if I touch the wires together is this a circuit board problem push button still lights up? by None N 4/8/2015
ANSWER: my opener works with remote - push button - key switch. I would say that the circuit board is the most likely problem. Be sure that all wiring is good and the connections are tight with no corrosion.<br /><br />Good luck by Larry B a
ANSWER: It might be, but I was unable to get my opener to work properly even with 2 different new logic boards. I gave up and bought a whole new Chamberlain opener for $119. Good luck by Bruce B a