Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

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Item# 41A5021-2
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Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Product Description
The Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2 garage door opener circuit board from North Shore Commercial Door lets you fix your garage door opener simply and inexpensively if it needs a new circuit board. With the investment of a little money and a little time — usually 10 or 15 minutes — you can replace your garage door opener's circuit board and have your garage door back in service.

Typically, switching out your circuit board requires unplugging a few wires from your old circuit board and plugging in the wires of your replacement circuit board. In some cases, however, you'll need to use your old circuit board's housing for your new circuit board to fit right. This is just a matter of switching out covers. All you will need is a screwdriver to loosen and tighten a few screws.

North Shore Commercial Door's Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2 garage door opener circuit board works with Sears Craftsman models including:
  • 139.53662
  • 139.53662SRT
  • 139.53662SRT2
  • 139.53664
  • 139.53670
  • 139.53670SRT1
  • 139.53675
  • 139.53675SRT1
  • 139.53675SRT2
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COMMENT: it seems to be the perfect replacement for my garage door by ROY H 3/26/2017
COMMENT: I read on line that this would correct my problem so I'm hopping cause I don't want to replace the whole opener by Reno g 12/11/2016
QUESTION: my model number is 41a5021-2c is this the correct replacement? by None N 6/27/2016
ANSWER: The board worked fine. Still going. I had to remove the boards from the cases and exchange them. The case the new board came with would not fit existing opener. Took about an hour. Kind of tedious. Take pics before disassembly. by JoMama J a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it is. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: where to get a circuit board for the 41 A 3066 Sears garage opener model # 139.53110 ? by Milan F 12/2/2015
STAFF ANSWER: What is the model number on your current circuit board? by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Does this fit a craftsman 139.53962SRT1? by D G 10/30/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Here is a link to the board you would need ! <a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Can you tell me if the replacement of the circuit board is fairly easy? Unplug wires and plug in to the same connections on the new board? Trying to figure out if I can do this on my own or not. by Jennifer O 1/19/2015
ANSWER: Yes it is very easy. Just unplug your old board and plug in the new one. by Linda B a
ANSWER: It was super easy to change. The hardest part was changing the board to the old cover plate so the light cover would fit. Worked like a charm for me. The job is probably 6 or 8 screws and unplugging a couple wires. by Joel H a
ANSWER: Yes you can. Its straight forward. Make sure you see how and where each wire on the old circuit board goes to match up to the new on . by Michael L a