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Sears Craftsman 139.21255 AssureLink Compatible Remote Light Switch

Sears Craftsman  139.21255 AssureLink Compatible Remote Light Switch
Sears Craftsman  139.21255 AssureLink Compatible Remote Light Switch
Sears Craftsman  139.21255 AssureLink Compatible Remote Light Switch
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Sears Craftsman 139.21255 AssureLink Compatible Remote Light Switch
Sears Craftsman  139.21255 AssureLink Compatible Remote Light Switch
Product Description
North Shore Commercial Door's Sears Craftsman 139.21255 AssureLink-compatible remote light switch can make your life easier and safer. With this quality garage door opener remote control, you can turn on the lights in your garage, yard or home. You can use it with the Sears Craftsman AssureLink Internet gateway to control the lights with your smartphone or computer. Please note that this remote is compatible only with Sears Craftsman AssureLink garage door openers and AssureLink accessories using this technology.
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COMMENT: Control my lights from anywhere by Michael J 9/7/2016
COMMENT: I chose this item to control a ceiling fixture on a random basis when I am out of town. by ANTONE S 6/29/2016
QUESTION: Can this switch be used to power a electric water tank on and off ? by ken k 12/20/2015
ANSWER: I don't think that it is capabal of carrying that much wattage. The specifications call for a max of 300 W. Need to check with the water tank and see if the starting load is below that before desiding to use this. It may work for a while, but may melt down if it gets too hol. by William F a
STAFF ANSWER: I would not recommend it ! by Taylor M a
ANSWER: The max load for this switch is 300 watts. I would suspect your electric water pump may exceed that and burn out the switch. Before purchasing this switch for that application, please consult the documentation of your water pump. <br /><br />North Shore Door does have the documentation on the switch on the product page, that is where I found the 300 watt load limit information for the switch. by James M a
QUESTION: Is this a dimmer switch? by James C 4/14/2015
ANSWER: It is not a dimmer switch. It is on/off type of device that can be operated as a regular switch finger push on/off or using your smart phone and Craftsman Assurelink app.<br /><br />I like it very much and recommend wholeheartedly. Very useful for those outside lights that you always forget to turn off when you leave your house in the morning. by Milos C a
ANSWER: No by Richard P a
ANSWER: No this does not have dimmer capabilities. I can tell you it works very well with Craftsman AssureLink. I actually have two of these. Hope I've helped you out. by Karl K a
QUESTION: Title says Craftsman, but picture of item says Liftmaster? by None N 2/7/2014
ANSWER: I am concerned about things like that as well. I bought the Craftsman switch and the one I received says "Lift Master" on the box and is also molded into the rubber cover on the lower portion of the front of the switch. IT IS COMPATIBLE AND DOES WORK WITH MY CRAFTSMAN OPENER! It's all the same technology. I'm assuming Craftsman stopped producing/supporting their Assurelink line based on the disappearing Assurelink products from their site. There used to be quite a few things to choose from but now there is only 2 complete opener units and the Assurelink conversion kit. Hope that helps. by Nick F a
ANSWER: The light switch is compatible with the Sears Craftsman product line. by J H a
ANSWER: It works with the Craftsman app and you can control not only the lights but the garage door as well. The garage is cool because you can get an email on what time it opened and closed as well as see it on the app, I my iPhone. It is liftmaster brand switch. by W K a
ANSWER: The switch is compatible for both brands. I have a craftsman door opener and the switch has lift master written on it. by Darrell B a
ANSWER: That's not a problem. I have purchased several more and they all work perfect by ISABEL P a
ANSWER: THe unit is made by LiftMaster, but it compatible with Craftsman AssureLink. by D A a
QUESTION: Can this be used as a normal switch? Turn on/off by hand manually? by None N 12/26/2013
ANSWER: Yes. The big white space above the program button cover seen in the instructions is the "regular" manual on/off switch. by Nick F a
ANSWER: Yes, it will work as a standard on/off switch. by J H a
ANSWER: Switch works, also as a regular, on off switch. Has a tactical feel, when using switch, works great. by ibgadgets i a
ANSWER: Yes, this switch toggles so you can switch it off by hand. by ISABEL P a
ANSWER: Yes this switch can be turned on/off by hand. It is basically one of the flat toggle switches.<br /><br />FYI, You will need to replace the adjacent switches if any to the rectangular flat toggle switches so you can find a cover plate that will work. by Darrell B a
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