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Side and Top Weather Seals

Side and Top Weather Seals
Our insulating garage door seal styles for tops and sides of garage doors will seal out dirt, water and heat and cold. Find economical prices at North Shore Commercial Door on garage door side weather seals and garage door top section seals. Choose vinyl strips or aluminum seals. Reduce your heating costs with our single-flap top section weather seals and insulating garage door sides. We also have insulating top seals for step rabbit or tongue and groove garage door sections. Customers have used this top section seal style to prevent birds and bats from entering their warehouses. We have vinyl seals designed to fit in aluminum or clip-on retainers by Action Industries and Slim-Line. Also shop our garage door bottom weather seals and our brush seal/aluminum retainer kits. We have been the go-to choice for premium garage door accessories at discount prices for more than 35 years. Shop our garage door parts, door operators and replacement emotes for residential and commercial garage doors.

Garage Door Top and Side Weather Seals

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of top and side garage door seals?

Our garage door weather stripping side and top seals will insulate your garage door from dirt, dust, water and other contaminants that can enter through your door's sides or top. In addition to our garage door bottom weather seals, we sell garage door side weather seals and garage door top-mounted seals at North Shore Commercial Door that block the entry of hot and cold drafts.

Many home and business owners opt for protecting the top, sides and bottom of their garage doors for maximum protection against pests, outside water or dirt contamination and weather extremes. Always replace existing seals that show cracks or other damage that can occur over time.

How do I know if a top seal is the right fit for my garage

Check your old seal's style and size to ensure that it's compatible with your replacement top seal. Our collection of garage door top seals includes a weather-stripping kit for garage door tops and sides that is available in an array of colors. This kit is available in sizes designed for 9-ft. and 18-ft. garage doors.

We have garage door top seals that can be installed on step rabbit or tongue and groove sections. In addition to keeping out the elements, commercial customers have used this top section door seal to stop birds and bats from entering warehouses. Shop our line of single-flap and dual-flap garage door top weather seals.

How long before I have to replace my garage door seal?

Garage door weather seals can last as long as seven to nine years, or they can wear out earlier, depending on conditions at your home or business. We recommend checking the condition of your garage door top, side and bottom weather seals at least twice a year. Check for cracks, brittle texture and other signs of wear and tear.

Once a weather seal becomes damaged, it's less expensive to replace it than to endure the higher utility bills and costlier damage to your garage or warehouse contents that can happen when you ignore damaged weather seals.