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SkyLink 89 Universal Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry System

SkyLink  89 Universal Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry System
SkyLink  89 Universal Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry System
SkyLink  89 Universal Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry System
SkyLink  89 Universal Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry System
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This item is discontinued.
Please view this replacement item:
LIFTMASTER 387LM Universal Keyless Entry Garage Door Opener
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
Operates most national brand garage door openers up to 2007 (see compatibility chart).

Wireless system that provides the convenience of entry into your garage without the use of a remote or keys.

Standard soft-key back-lit keypad.

Two 3V lithium batteries included.

1-year warranty.

Compatibility Chart for Model 89 Brands

Chamberlain® 1983-2002 390MHz

Genie® / Mastercraft® 1983-2007 390MHz

Lift-Master® 1983-2002 390MHz

Linear® (DT) 1975-2007 310MHz

Linear® MegaCodeTM 1985-2007 318MHz

Master Mechanic® 1983-1997 390MHz


(Delta 3) 1983-2007 310MHz

Multi-Code® (10 pos) 1976-2007 300MHz/310MHz

Overhead®* 1983-1997 390MHz

Pulsar® / Allister® 1985-2007 318MHz

Sears® / Craftsman® 1983-2002 390MHz

Skylink® UR100 Receiver 1990-2007 390MHz

Stanley® (10 pos) 1976-2007 300MHz/310MHz

Wayne Dalton® 1983-1997 300MHz/390MHz
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COMMENT: TO USE IT by Nidhal S 7/6/2017
COMMENT: it the only one that works with old garage door dip switch opener by Thomas W 12/27/2016
QUESTION: will a genie keypad remote model ACSD1G work with a sky link Opener? by None N 8/7/2016
QUESTION: Can the Skylink 89 be programmed to work the Zap 8825-R4 operator? by None N 10/8/2015
ANSWER: I do not know the answer by brentwood w a
ANSWER: Sorry...do you KNOW the positioning? by Bill Y a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it can. We also have this keypad which will work as well. by Taylor M a
REPLY: Thanks Taylor...do you the positioning of brand jumpers and DIP switches? by Bill Y r
QUESTION: I have the Skylink S89. Does this work on a Sears Craftsman from 1997? by None N 7/30/2015
ANSWER: I believe it will if you have the opener that has the pins inside to set the codes. Either 9 or 12 pins I think.<br />Hope this helps... I like mine by brentwood w a
ANSWER: I bought a skyline 89, from North Shore. It kept dumping its code. i could not get it to work and North Shore would not back up the product. So I basically wasted my money. My advice is do not buy it and do not deal with North Shore. by Stephen M a
ANSWER: If your garage door opener has the switches it will work fine. Just remember the skylink 89 has a on, neutral and off switch. When setting switches just make sure you set them the same as your garage door opener. by Clyde K a
ANSWER: Sorry, A-, B+ by Julie B a
ANSWER: I have programmed the frequency to D, switch A+, B-. I hold down the red learn button until the light goes off and than press the red learn button again. I enter the four digit code followed by the # sign and hold the # sign until it beeps. I enter the same code three times followed by the # sign each time. I than test the device by entering the four digit code followed by the * sign. Any other suggestions? by Julie B a
STAFF ANSWER: yes if it has a orange or red learn button. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: i currently have a Skylink, had it since 2004. Doesn't work any longer, have changed batteries, cleaned it, etc. The garage door opener is called EZ-Lift Model 500. Will this Skylink 89 work with it? thanks by Nancy F 4/7/2015
ANSWER: I really don't know I brought this one to replace a old one . Sorry I couldn't help by Kathy C a
ANSWER: hey T O, are you saying it is my EZ-Lift garage door that is the issue? I have a remote control that opens the garage door so the EZ-Lift is recognizing the frequency. I'm looking for a garage door opener to stick on the outside of my garage. thanks <br /><br />thanks by Nancy F a
ANSWER: Hi Nancy...I had the same problem, purchased a replacement Skyline 89 and it didn't work either. The problem is with the old garage door receiving technology no longer working...new Skyline remote was not the problem. by T O a
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