Skylink 69 Gate Operator or Garage Door Opener Model 69N Universal Keychain Remote

Skylink 69 Gate Operator or Garage Door Opener Model 69N Universal Keychain Remote

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Skylink 69 Gate Operator or Garage Door Opener Model 69N Universal Keychain Remote
Skylink 69 Gate Operator or Garage Door Opener Model 69N Universal Keychain Remote
Product Description
It's small enough to carry in your pocket or purse, but it's also powerful enough to open your garage door with ease. The Skylink 69 Gate Operator or Garage Door Opener Model 69N Universal Keychain Remote is a great universal remote opener from North Shore Commercial Door, and it is compatible with almost any garage door up to 2007 (see compatibility chart for exact brand names). It has just one simple button and a unique keychain attachment, which makes it ideal for use with convertibles, motorcycles, bicycles or any other vehicle without the usual sun visor. The Skylink 69 also connects to your garage door using a series of DIP switches, making it simple to program it even if your garage door dates as far back as the 1980s.
  • Operating range of 100 feet or more
  • 12-volt alkaline battery included
  • FCC/IC approved
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Comes with one-year warranty
  • Red LED light display on exterior

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COMMENT: This unit works great at our apartment complex for all tenants. Small and easy to carry. by T J 6/27/2016
COMMENT: Fast service, accurate order, actually received a newer model than that which was ordered. by Steven M 4/17/2016
QUESTION: how to work with this garage opener? by None N 8/4/2016
ANSWER: Read the instructions that comes with the opener. Find the type of unit you have and set the set the opener to the recommended connections. This woulr require you to open the opener and make the appropriate settings. It may require you to insert the supplied pins into the correct places and then sellect switch A,B,C,D, at the bottom of the opener. Then you are done. It should work. I hope this information was helpful for you and have a nice day. by N A a
QUESTION: Is this the exact same product as Skylink G6 but w/o the holder? by Peggy C 3/8/2015
ANSWER: Thanks Gary- I bought this one in the holder a while back-don't use the holder either. Want a second one for my other car- so was checking on if they were same. Love the one I have!! by Peggy C a
ANSWER: I just found this email in my spam box, so I apologize for the very slow reply. I bought this model many years ago for my motorcycle and it worked GREAT! Of course the weather took it's toll over the years and eventually deteriorated. Sadly, Skylink discontinued what I had, but offered this instead; now it looks the same, but the range is far less and though it technically works, it just doesn't work very well. With every purchase I made from Skylink, a holder came with... though I have to admit, I never used them. by Gary P a
STAFF ANSWER: No it is not. The G6M is the part number you are thinking of. They look just alike. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Does this device program with dip switches? by J B 7/1/2013
ANSWER: I'm not sure but I have a Sears garage door System And the Skylink 69N worked with this system. There are a few internal settings on the 69N device that need to be adjusted so it will be compatible with your garage door opening system. Just follow the instructions. Good luck! by N A a
ANSWER: Our garage door is original from the early 1980's. The unit works on a combination of ABC switch choices and connectors on two additional levels. There are a variety of codes generated manually by these combinations. The direction booklet gives generic and manufacturers suggested codes. Using them we do not have to make a wireless recognition of the code by getting on a ladder near the base motor of the garage opener. I am not sure if the dip switch is similar but the need not to have to search for a wireless signal makes this older technology much more basic so I think it would work. by J A a
ANSWER: Yes it does. One issue was my opener needed an adapter due to its age. by Rod P a
ANSWER: Yes you must use switches to program for your opener. The instructions were complete and easy to follow. by G A a
ANSWER: At the time I ordered this opener I ordered a different one to keep in my car. I can not remember if this one used dip switches of not. I have very little technology skills and got this one to working so it must have been easy. The reason I replied to the question was because I wanted to say that this is the best opener I have ever owned, including the one that came with my garage door. It operates the door from a good distance away and is so easy to keep with you. I like to take it with me when I am traveling with someone else. When I return home I can open the door in order to gain easy entry into my garage. Well worth the money. Sorry I could not answer your original question but wanted you to know how pleased I have been with this product. by S A a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it does. by Matthew O a
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