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SkyLink MC-201 Electromagnetic Automatic Door Lock

SkyLink MC-201 Electromagnetic Automatic Door Lock
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This item is currently out of stock!
This item is currently out of stock!
SkyLink MC-201 Electromagnetic Automatic Door Lock
SkyLink MC-201 Electromagnetic Automatic Door Lock
Product Description

Ideal for DIY, easily mounted onto most doors (wood or metal).

Suitable for inswing and outswing doors.

100 lbs of holding force.

Includes all mounting accessories.

No additional power supply is required (power supplied by the Otodor® Swing Door Opener).

Mount up to 4 units to connect to the Otodor® Swing Door Opener for more holding force.
Ask a Question
COMMENT: for a door to be locked automatic by ANTHOS K 3/24/2014
COMMENT: nobody seems to know what the leads hook up too \ 120volt \ trasformer \? by D A 2/22/2014
QUESTION: I'd like to apply this locking device on my sliding bathroom door. The process would be to activate a switch upon closing and deactivate to exit. I would install an inline switch to operate an on-off mode inside the bathroom. <br />Would it operate as I described?<br />Is the unit 110 volt?<br />Thank you, Dave by Dave S 10/17/2014
QUESTION: The top of my exterior wood door is warped so that the locking bolt won't engage in the slot. This is a hurricane impact door in Florida. Will this magnet pull the top in about 1/8 inch so that the locking pin can engage? The door is 10' tall and has some flex because I can push it easily from the outside so that someone standing inside can easily then engage it. Will it be hard to open the front door once it is shut? can I turn off the current so it releases? by Arthur K 6/2/2014
ANSWER: 1 by Robert C a
QUESTION: If this is an electromagnetic, where are the leads, what is the current required, what is the flux density in Teslas? by None N 1/19/2014
ANSWER: what is your phon number ? by D A a
QUESTION: I am looking for an electro magnet for a project. When this says 100lbs of holding force does it mean it could hold 100lbs?<br /><br />Thanks<br /><br />Any specification sheets would be apreciated by Larson M 11/27/2013
ANSWER: No, that means that it will take 100 lbs of force to open the closed door. The lock worked well, but we tried it on an exterior door, it had trouble closing all the way till latched, but mostly due to the weatherstripping. I think it is best suited for an interior door. by Robert C a
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