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SkyLink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System

SkyLink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System
SkyLink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System
SkyLink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System
SkyLink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System
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Item# SC-1000
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SkyLink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System
SkyLink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System
Product Description
Introducing the SC-1000 :

This kit comes with a complete wireless security system that can be installed in minutes. With the motion sensor and two door/window sensors, the system covers enough for a decent size house and with all the additional accessories and sensors, the SC-1000 is suitable for Homes, Business Offices, 24-hour stores, Retail Operations, etc., or wherever security is a concern. The emergency dialer AD433S is your own monitoring center without any monthly charges. You do not need to sign up for additional monitoring service and therefore save the monthly monitoring fee.

The Control Panel can control up to 30 different sensors, these sensors include door/window sensor, motion sensor, flood sensor, smoke sensor, temperature sensor, etc. If any of these sensors are triggered when the system is armed, the siren will sound and it will send a wireless signal to the dialer that will call for help at the same time.

You can program the emergency dialer to call up to 9 different phone numbers including your own cellular phone, pager, your doctor, relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. Once the recipient picks up the phone, the emergency dialer will play your pre-recorded message and inform the recipient that you are in an emergency situation and to send help right away.

Features :

Very easy to install.

Plug & Play and Rolling Code Technology.

Automatically calls for help in the event of an emergency.

Dials up to 9 different numbers of your choice and sends out your personal 40 second message.

Eliminates the need for expensive monitoring, saving you the monthly monitoring costs.

Advanced Technology reduces false alarms.

SC-1000 Includes :

A Control Panel (SC-001).

A Motion Sensor (PS-434A).

Two Door/Window Sensors (WT-433).

A Keychain Transmitter (4B-434).

An Emergency Dialer (AD-433S).

Two Adapters.

Three 9V Alkaline Batteries.

Three 12V Alkaline Batteries.

Phone line.
Ask a Question
COMMENT: It sounds like a good product that will meet my needs. When I get it I'll let you know. by Robert B 8/6/2014
COMMENT: The Features. by WILLIAM C 10/29/2012
QUESTION: Do you need to connect it to a land line or phone system? by G H 7/5/2017
QUESTION: I was curious if this could be a good option for my warehouse as an alert system. I would like something that I could set off in case of an emergency that would sound an alarm through both sections of the warehouse. DO you think this would fit the bill? by Kim W 5/12/2015
STAFF ANSWER: yes, this would be a great product by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Can this product be installed and used in an enclosed motorcycle trailer? The trailer has one RV style walk through door and one ramp door. What type siren does this unit have? by None N 10/6/2014
STAFF ANSWER: You could set up for use on that application it has a very loud high-pitched siren by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Can you carry with you a device that will alert you if someone comes through a door? For example I need to use the rest room or go to the garage or storage area away from the monitor or sounding device? I move about the building and want to know if someone has entered and through which door! by Rae Ann B 7/12/2014
STAFF ANSWER: The Long Range Motion alert kit HA-434RTL by Matthew O a